A Quizzical Walk

By Helen Harkness

A car club, having a club night without any cars?  Well, yes. That’s because we’re modern and forward thinking, planning ahead for the days when we’ve all had to have electric cars and the battery’s gone flat!

The “quizzical walk” started outside Mr Browns, with Kay Lindsay providing  the question sheet and an RAC rally pen (she seemed to have a great stash of them from somewhere…?), we then headed anti-clockwise around the Moot Hall. Continue reading

Summer Drive 2017

By Caroline Lodge

Some time ago I agreed to organise this years Summer Drive. Can’t be that hard I thought, have a drive out, stop for refreshments and drive back. No worries – Hmmmm…
Firstly, to be honest the event slipped my mind! However I was reminded in plenty of time and got on with it. Put my thinking cap on – first idea Elf Kirk View point would be nice – Nope it’s too far. High Force would include a walk, that would be good – Nope they shut the path or turn the falls off at 5pm. Oh heck where can we go?
After a bit of grumbling and staring at the maps, I planned a route. My assistant Dylan and I set off to check it out and take some photos of junctions etc. All went well and the mini road books were all printed and sorted over a week before the date. Continue reading

Pathfinders 2017

The May club night was the Pathfinders, thank you to Barry Lindsay & Martyn Petry, last year’s winners for organising. Next year’s event will be organised by Christine & John Ross.


1st Christine & John Ross               12 Clues 41miles
(1hr 40) tie decider

2nd Geoffrey Harkness, Martyn Petry  Kay Lindsay    12 Clues 41miles
(1hr 42)

3rd Nigel & Helen Harkness                                               12 Clues 43miles

4th Yvonne & Graham Petry, Michael Lindsay               12 Clues 44mile

5th Linda & Eric Ritchie                                                       8 Clues 45mile

6th Kieron & Jon Stynes                                                       3 Clues 41mile

Photo Hunt- June Club Night Report

A route around Alstonby, Harker, Rockcliffe Blackford, Sandysike Authuret then Kirklinton Smithfield saw crew looking for 30 item which they had photo’s of but something had been erased.

They had to find what??? (And it’s bloomin harder than you think! Ed.)


1st Martyn Petry, Mike Lindsay, Geoffrey Harkness   25pts  27mile

2nd Yvonne & Graham Petry, Kenton Pattison           22pts  28mile

3rd Nigel & Helen Harkness                                    21½pts 27mile

4th George Edminson & Louise                               20pts  31mile

5th Ross McKenzie, Mark Taylor, David Love            19pts  27mile

6th John Ross                                                      18pts  25mile


Sliding on Ice

By John Ross,

On the 23rd November a team of 8 Spadeadam members gathered to learn how to handle themselves on ice. The only thing was there were no studded tyres, revving engines or the smell of Castrol-R.

Earlier this year on “The Run To The Sea” organised by Helen, several silly beach games took place by a group of members way old enough to know far better. After playing beach football a rather daft game of throwing nicely shaped rocks into a ring shaped target developed. This was dubbed by Mike Lindsey as “Beach Curling”. This struck a chord with my wife Christine who over the last couple of weeks has spent more time at Lockerbie Ice rink than she has at home. Would any of those present be in an evening’s curling, proper curling on ice, rather than the mud and sand of the Solway at Southerness. The general consensus was yes.

Several weeks later Christine said, I have a session booked at the ice rink for SMC, so with the aid of social media our little group was brought together. Eric & Linda, Nigel & Helen, Caroline & Jonathan and Christine & myself met up at Lockerbie Ice Rink to learn how to slide on ice, sweep and deliver 8 stones into the house (the rings of the target marked out at each end of the sheet of ice. Continue reading

October Club Night- Indoor Autotest.

By Helen Gibbon

The Indoor autotest is famous, or maybe infamous, in the Spadeadam calendar. It’s a combination of Richard Thomson’s excellent courses, Skitby’s amazingly slippery floor and a remote control Mini that refuses to go where you want it to.  I’ve been a “spectator” at this club night many times and have always managed to avoid taking part, but this time I thought to myself, “well, how hard can it be?”. If you look at the results below, you’ll see how hard I found it! Continue reading

Playstation Night

September Club Night was the Playstation Night. The night when members get to drive world rally cars and not actually have to pay to get them repaired!


1st  Barry Lindsay       11m 05          6th Mark Taylor        12m 05

2nd Kenton Patterson  11m 09          7th Neil Varah           12m 34

3rd Jon Stynes           11m 29          8th David Love          14m 56

4th Zack Varah           11m 32         9th George Edminson 15m 07

5th Kieron Stynes       11m 37

Calling All Novice Navigators

Are you terrified by tulip diagrams? Do herringbones give you the heebie jeebies? Or have you always wanted to do a 12 car, but didn’t really know where to start?  Do not fear… help is at hand.

Arghhhhh.. a herringbone diagram! Run for your life....

Argghhhhh… a herringbone diagram!!

Augusts’ club night (1st of August) will be a table top navigation night. This is your chance to come along and work out a route in comfort. Expert navigators will be on hand to help and answer questions. It may also be a good refresher for those that currently compete- novice or expert, driver or navigator. All welcome.

A “Novice only 12 car” is being planned for the Thursday after, where you can put your new skills to the test. (More details on that to follow.)

Spadeadam Motor Club’s Treasure Hunt, 2013

By Martyn Petry

(Aged 11)

The night had arrived for the Spadeadam’s treasure hunt 2013, with coming second place last year and my brother Graham and Uncle (Barry Lindsay) winning, I was eager to go one step better and win this time.

I teamed up with My Mam (Yvonne Petry) and my Granddad (Mike Lindsay). Granddad was driving so I knew we had a good chance of winning. Graham was with Gran and Geoffrey Harkness, so competition was good, there was quite a few cars out to compete.

Start was at Rickerby Park, through Linstock with clues all the way then onto Crosby and Newby no clues were allowed on Main roads, then onto the Airport these were hard clues and all the Lindsay family  should all have known them but they took some finding at least we know now!! Onto Irthington then scaleby eventually meeting back with all other competitors at Skitby.

It was a fun night driving around different places, looking for clues and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

At Skitby we had to wait until Uncle Barry had counted the results this was a nerve wracking time !! I thought we had done ok but we did have a few blanks that we couldn’t find or my Mam had just put silly answers in!!

The results were finally ready to be told so Uncle Barry started in reverse order

7th   Clive & Charlotte Alcock                                                             26 Clues

6th   Neil Henderson                                                                            28 Clues

5th   Caroline Lodge & Trudy                                                             29 Clues

4th   Nigel Harkness & Helen Gibbon                                               37 Clues

3rd  John & Christine Ross                                                                  39 Clues

2nd   Geoffrey Harkness, Kay Lindsay & Graham Petry             40 Clues

1st   Michael Lindsay, Yvonne & Martyn Petry                              42 Clues

In first place it was US!  Wow, we had won I was chuffed we had a staggering 42 points!  Only problem next year we have to set it up I’m dreading that !!! May need Uncle Barry’s help.

Pathfinders – Competitors report

By John & Christine Ross

We left home armed with maps 85 & 86 to meet up at Westlinton layby, for 7pm, only to be told by Mark, you can’t leave for seven minutes.

Received our instructions and began plotting the route, then off we set in hot pursuit of Nigel and Helen, found the first two clues, then headed for Fergushill, had a fair idea what the answer was, but were being closely followed by Neil and his co driver.

John decided he would go a different way round the route, so off we headed, to Scaleby, but it was a waste of time as we couldn’t find the clue. Then off the Laversdale and the airport, but the navigator didn’t notice I had missed the turning until we got to Seathill, so back we went. (Never rely on me for directions). As we guessed it was the Vulcan. Continue reading