12 Car Results (April 2017)

1st Exp   Phil Jobson / Paul Hettrick 5f 18min
2nd Exp Evan Porter / Alex Guest 5f 40min
3rd Exp Chris Thornton / Dan Whitmore 9f 28min
1st Nov Barry Lindsay / Graham Petry 4f 19min
RTD Paul Schatz / Andrew Brass Rear Wheel Bearing

Thanks to marshals and Jerry Hettrick for organizing.

Back to the beginning!

By Barry Lindsay

The September 12 car was a case of back to the novices for me!. Having done the majority of the Spadeadam 12cars in the last 20 years in both seats I’ve sat with, and drove with various members with various successes. The September one was different though. For this one my nephew Martyn was introduced to night navigation after a very short lesson. Having done orienteering at school knew a bit about maps but when he started calling left 7 maybe and right 9’s was more than I expected of his first event.

Caroline Lodge organized the event starting from Naworth crossroads. The route went round Low Row, The Banks, Lanercost, Milton. After that crews went round Forest Head, Farlam, Brampton Junction, then Talkin, Skellion & the flat and around Faugh. Heading south from Heads Nook, Cumwhitton, Honsby, Armathwaite. Then heading back north via Low Hesket. Cumwhiton, Wetheral, Newby, Irthington to finish at Smithfield. Sadly on 3 finishers as Richard Clark / Paul Hettrick damaged the gearbox on a NAM. Continue reading

April 12 Car Results 2015

April’s 12 car was based over the border, a great route but not without it’s fair share of issues for crews!

1st OA 1st Nov Andrew Graham / Michael Humes               3F 30min

2nd OA 1st Exp Barry Lindsay / Neil Thomlinson                 7F 30min

Rtd               Richard Clark / Paul Hettrick           Steering

Rtd               Nigel Harkness / Helen Gibbon       Puncture / Wheel

Rtd               Phil Jobson / Caroline Jobson         Engine

Championship positions after 3 rounds


1st Barry Lindsay      34pts                1st Jerry Hetrick           22pts

2nd Phil Jobson             20pts             2nd Pete Johnson         12pts

3rd Barrie Thomson     12pts             3rd Richard Todd         12pts

4th Andrew Graham     9pts             4th Neil Thomlinson     12pts

5th Caroline Jobson     10pts

6th George Edminson     9pts


1st Andrew Graham   24pts           1st Michael Humes         24pts

2nd Nigel Harkness     20pts             2nd Helen Gibbon           20pts

3rd Kenton Pattison   20pts          3rd Paul Hettrick           18pts

4th Richard Clark       18pts             4th Neil Henderson       10pts

5th Callum                   10pts

12 Car Championship Points – After 3rd Round (April 2014)


Barrie Thomson       20   *15     20       55

Barry Lindsay           *15     20    17       52

Dan Haynes               0       17       —       17

Phil Jobson                0        15     Rtd    15

Tom Wilcox               0        Rtd      —     0



Jerry Hettrick            20     *15     20        55

Neil Thomlinson        *15     20     17         52

Richard Todd               —      17      —         17

Caroline Jobson          —       15    Rtd       15



Andrew Graham       17     20     20      57

Tom Wilcox               20     0      —        20

Nigel Harkness         0     17        —       17

Helen Gibbon           15     0         —     15



George Edminson        —     20     20      40

Andrew Brass               20     0     —       20

Dale Birbeck                 17      —     —       17

Helen Gibbon               0     17       —     17

Nigel Harkness            15     0      —      15

April 12 Car Results

1st OA 1st Exp  —    Barrie Thomson / Jerry Hettrick   270 points
(5 incorrect markers & 2min)
2nd OA 2nd Exp —  Barry Lindsay / Neil Thomlinson 330 points
(6 incorrect markers & 3min)
3rd OA 1st Nov Andrew Graham / George Edminson 520 points
(9 incorrect markers & 7min)
RTD  Phil Jobson / Caroline Jobson

Thank you to Ian Robinson & all the marshals.

March 12 Car Report

By Neil Thomlinson

After missing February’s 12 car I was out competing with Barry on the March 12 car organised by Jerry. Looking at the details for it and it was on maps 85, 86 and 90, 3 maps?! Surely a trick where only 2 where used, plotted the start reference of 85/431.5 412 I realised this was right in the corner of map 85 which to the east went onto map 86 and to the south went onto map 90, this event was surely to switch between the 3 maps throughout the night, we were in for a treat!

With the night getting colder and the fog getting thicker, it was setting up to be a challenging night, with 7 crews at the start waiting for first car to be away at 8.01pm. Off we go, the route went from the start layby straight off map 85 on to map 90 to Hutton End where it took a slot right which brought us to the first time control, then a T-junction turn right which took us back up onto map 85.

Continue reading

April 12 Car

By Neil Thomlinson

Aprils 12 car was to start at Gretna’s Halcrow stadium, based just on map 85 and covering about 70 miles including some whites. This 12 car was to attract 8 entries which were made up of 4 novice and 4 expert crews some of which were from neighbouring clubs.

After being told to take a map into the clubhouse it was clear that some route information was to be handed out, the novices were pre-plot so they were given the route and the experts were given 2 sheets of paper, one with the NAM’s on and the other with the Out of Bounds and Quiet zones co-ordinates. After plotting these all that was to do was set off.

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EVMC Westmorland 12 Car – February 2013

By Pete Johnson

The Westmorland Road Rally is etched into the history of Eden Valley Motor Club and its absence from the 2012 calendar had played heavy on the minds of a number of club members.  But who would be brave enough to take the helm, carrying the weight of expectation that comes from taking on the organising role of an event with such a high reputation.  Whispers were a former organiser was up to the challenge.   Like Starsky and Hutch, Dan would inevitably need a Pete to complete the organising Team.  As is the case with a lot of Dan’s schemes I was involved before I even realised it.  We initially agreed we were simply organising the February 12 car but we felt it was time to revive the Westmorland at the same time killing two birds with one stone.  Jerry Hetrick can take the credit for being the first to successfully run a Saturday night twelve car and with the ok from the route liaison officer and a permit from the MSA the wheels were in motion for us to follow a similar format.  In the past we have always tried to use every inch of mileage we were allowed to usually around 75miles but this time we were given permission to run 100 miles. Continue reading

Spadeadam April 12 Car

By Dan Haynes

So this was it. Three weeks prior I had responded to a text that Jerry Hettrick sent saying ‘Yeah, put me down for that!’

Normally a formality for us, but on this occasion my chosen chariot was sat on my parent’s drive where it had been abandoned when our attempt at February’s EVMC 12 car resulted in a broken CV joint calamity.

To cut a long story short, the Ibiza was fixed and finished with camber set up and everything by 19:05 on the night of the event. Now to some of you this may seem a little last minute, however I can assure all that by Haynes/Johnson standards this was unbelievably organise, so much so I was able to road test the car, return home and double check the wheel nuts were nipped up tight. Herein lay my downfall; one…tight, two…tight, three…crack – oops I’ve broken it. So with three tight studs and half stud in the hub I set off to pick up my faithful Navigator. Fortunately, once at Pete’s we got the car jacked up, wheel off and stud extracted with enough time to get to Gretna for the start, just.

The event started at 20:15, which was slightly delayed due to it being pretty light at 20:00. This gave us plenty time to make certain that the crew borrowing my spare map got the old one. The lent map didn’t show the support road alongside the M6 extension, which unfortunately was used in the first section.

We got to TC1 clean, which was a direct run from Gretna to the West side of Floriston Crossing. From there it was a short blast round Rockcliffe Cross/Castletown area where my local knowledge didn’t help and we ended up missing a side road and adding about ¾ mile to what was a relatively short section. So TC2 and 1 minute dropped.

From there we ran up towards Westlinton, and used the crisscross of roads between the Motorway and A7 until eventually crossing the A7 and coming into the TC between Alstonby and Westlinton. From there we ran back towards Rockcliffe and Cargo via Cringledyke. Then on to the biggest NAM we have ever done, about 5 miles & consisting of three roundabouts on the new Northern Bypass. We messed about a bit here as we were uncertain as to which way along the bypass we should have been heading. We knew the finish was at Smithfield and we were going there after the next section, but the instructions seemed to be taking us too far away from the finish location. Anyway, having turned round, stopped, ummed, aahhed we made an educated guess and got it right, getting into the time control 2 mins late.

We then blasted round Bousted hill, Little Orton, the old airfield with the finish being on our way into Carlisle. The roads had been slippery all night with patches of standing water but this last section really took the prize for the number of times a puddle, pothole or muddy section tried to drown, damage or disorientate car and team. However, we managed to maintain a reasonable pace and despite Pete repeating, ‘I’m only a junction ahead’, there were no further major navigational errors made. This got us to the finish on our minute and left us with grins on both sides of the car.

So, well done to all marshals and event organisers, it was a 12 car to be proud of. Really enjoyable route, instructions that were simple yet took enough thought to make them interesting. The only negative is that it would have been good to see a few more entries, as the event certainly deserved it!

April 12 Car

By Barry Lindsay

With interest shown at last moment the April 12 car was quickly arranged and John Ross’s event that he had planned for March (cancelled due to lack of entrys). With eight crews entering, the event promised to be a good night. But, with various crews not turning up to the event. Even delaying the start to see if any others turned up, but, started with only four crews.

John had a run-out from his start at Surrone House to the TC at Metal bridge crossing. The route then went round Rockcliffe cross then to the control at Todhills. It then went round Justicetown, down to Blackford and up to Westlinton for another TC. Looping round the Fauld, then down to Alstonby round to the Knells to a TC near Houghton House.  The evening went well to this point but from here I haven’t a clue where we went!! It went via Harker then Crindledyke (after we wrong slotted to Asda) and then joined the new City bypass for three NAM roundabouts near Cargo but after we had been round seven roundabouts in all directions visiting Asda again and with no control location we were about to give up. The control was eventually found then the next two sections passed by to the MTC at the south end of the Bypass.  With the finish back at Smithfield where the results were announced (We went past Asda!!).

Thanks to Neil for navigating and all bar the one section it went well.

Thanks also to John Ross for organising, Christine Ross, Ian Robinson, Geoffrey Harkness, Caroline Lodge & Michael Lindsay for marshalling.


1st 1st Exp Dan Haynes / Pete Johnson

2nd 2nd Exp Barry Lindsay / Neil Thomlinson

3rd 1st Nov Neil Varah / Todd Brown

Retired Tom Wilcox / James Griffin