Category: Rally Results – Monthly

Rally Results (October 2018)

Hero Stages – Darren Martin / Martin Steele finished 9th Overall 6th in class, Jamie Martin / Kyle Gass retired. Adgespeed Stages – Caroline Lodge finished 16th O/A 3rd in class navigating Chris Thomas.

Rally Results (September 2018)

Pendragon- Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge finished 27th OA and 7th in class after a stage max with a broken driveshaft and doing only one lap. Galloway Hills – John McIlwraith finished 14th OA 2in in class9 in the Subaru. Promanade Stages – Jamie…

Rally Results (August 2018)

Tyneside –   Rory Young &  Allan Cathers  were  2nd Overall (2nd in class), Nigel & Helen Harkness were 37th OA (5th in class). Failing to finish were Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge who went off. Phil Jobson had engine / electrical trouble. Grampian –…

Rally Results (June & July 2018)

Argyll –  Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge were  18th Overall (2nd in class) John McIlwraith was 26th  Overall (6th in class) despite a 6min road early penalty Rory Young & Allan Cathers went off after a good start and Retired. Greystoke – Barry Lindsay…

Rally Results (June 2018)

ATL Carlisle – Rob Graham & Helen Harkness retired from the Historic 2wd section on the last stage of Friday night with gearbox and exhaust problems. Darren Martin& Kyle Gass retired from the BTRDA section with clutch issues. KWF Weeton – Darren Martin &…

Rally Results (February / March 2018)

Knockhill Nigel & Helen Harkness finished 32nd Overall (7th in class) in the Corsa. Bishopscourt Stages Rory Young & Allan Cathers finished the Irish tarmac rally in 8th Overall ( 1st in class)

Rally Results (October 2017)

Adgespeed Rally  3 Sisters Jerry Hettrick navigated Tom Pearson to 29th OA (15th in class).

Rally Results (August 2017)

Tyneside Stages – Rory Young & Allan Cathers took runner up spot on the event which they had lead after the first group of stages. The R5 spec machine was down on top speed to the WRC spec cars.

Rally Results – July 2017

Greystoke Stages – Darren Martin /Martin Steele finished 8th OA 5th in class, Barry Lindsay / Caroline Lodge were 12th OA 1st in class. James Coxon navigated Mark Shaw to 18th OA 3rd in class, Jamie Martin / Kyle Gass were 28th OA 7th…

Rally Results (June 2017)

Warcop Stages – Barrie Thomson & Jerry Hettrick brought the Clio home 24th OA 2nd in the upto 2ltr class. James Coxon navigated his way to 33rd Overall (6th in class). William Thomson navigated Tom Pearson to 37th Overall (10th in class). Severn Valley…

Rally Results (May 2017)

Pirelli Rally Phil Jobson / Arwel Jenkins finished 8th Overall in the Historic and won their class. John Overend Stages Darren Martin / Martin Steele took there Subaru to 13th Overall (11th in class), Jamie Martin / Kyle Gass were 27th Overall (16th in…

Rally Results (May 2017)

Speyside Stages John McIlwraith finished 36th Overall on the Scottish championship event. 9th in class in the Subaru.