Rally Results – July 2017

Greystoke StagesDarren Martin /Martin Steele finished 8th OA 5th in class, Barry Lindsay / Caroline Lodge were 12th OA 1st in class. James Coxon navigated Mark Shaw to 18th OA 3rd in class, Jamie Martin / Kyle Gass were 28th OA 7th in class, Rob Graham / Helen Harkness were 33rd OA 7th class.

ALMC HistoricPhil Jobson was 6th OA 5th in class.

Rally Results (June 2017)

Warcop Stages – Barrie Thomson & Jerry Hettrick brought the Clio home 24th OA 2nd in the upto 2ltr class. James Coxon navigated his way to 33rd Overall (6th in class). William Thomson navigated Tom Pearson to 37th Overall (10th in class).

Severn Valley Phil Jobson finished 13th OA 3rd in class on the British Historic championship event.

DMACK Carlisle Stages Darren Martin & Martin Steele despite the poor seeding and passing cars all day finished 15th Overall 3rd in class. Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge brought the 206 back out to get a finish in 24th Overall (2nd in class). Rob Graham & Helen Harkness were 36th Overall and won the Historic up to 1600 class.

Rally Results (May 2017)

Pirelli Rally
Phil Jobson / Arwel Jenkins finished 8th Overall in the Historic and won their class.

John Overend Stages
Darren Martin / Martin Steele took there Subaru to 13th Overall (11th in class), Jamie Martin / Kyle Gass were 27th Overall (16th in class) in an Evo.

RSAC Scottish Rally , National B
Rory Young / Allan Cathers took there Fiesta R5 to 4th OA (2nd class),
John McIlwraith took the Subaru to 13th OA (3rd in class).
Darren Martin / Pete Johnson were 23rd Overall (5th in class)

Rally Results (May 2017)

Speyside Stages

John McIlwraith finished 36th Overall on the Scottish championship event. 9th in class in the Subaru.

Rally Results (March – April 2016)

North West Stages
Tim Finch brought the Subaru home 25th OA (16th in class)
Darren Martin & Martin Steele retired after the first leg when the gearbox mounting broke and damaged the gearbox case. Jamie Martin & Kyle Gass almost made it round the tough event to retire with rear diff failure on Stage 17.

Malcolm Wilson
Rory Young & Allan Cathers brought the R5 Fiesta home 11th OA 10th in class. Darren Martin & Pete Johnson were 48th OA (11th in class) in the Evo. Phil Jobson & Chris Sheradon were 54th (4th in class). Mark Shaw & James Coxon were 65th OA (6th in class) in the Sunbeam. Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge retired just into SS1 when gearbox mounting sheared taking out driveshaft and radiator. Rob Graham & Helen Harkness retired on the steep climb between arrival & start, due to lack of oil pressure.

Roskirk Stages
William Thomson navigated Tom Pearson to 20th O/A (9th in Class) on their return to competing.
Barrie Thomson & Jerry Hettrick  retired the Clio.

North Wales
Phil Jobson & Arwell Jenkins finished 7th Overall in the British Historic Championship event. 2nd in Class.

DCC Ingliston
Nigel & Helen Harkness were  34th OA (6th in class) in the Corsa.

Rally Results (February 2017)

Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge were 17th Overall 2nd in class in the   206.

Red Kite
Phil Jobson retired due to Diff/ Halfshaft failure.

Rory Young & Allan Cathers finished 5th Overall (4th in class).

Rally Results (November 2016)

Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge had a troubled day with engine mount breaking on SS1 limping to service after SS3 but retired with a broken driveshaft.

Rally Wales
Carl & Rob Tuer had the Ex works MG out for the first time this year. Were leading the class going into the final stage but went off and retired unable to get back to the road.
Fredrik Ahlin finished a troubled rally using super rally but was 46th OA 24th in class.

New member Julius Dene navigated his way to 30th OA 10th in class.

Rally Results (October 2016)

Caroline Lodge with Kim Gray finished 23rd in the Historic Cup section of the Trackrod. 2nd in class despite pushing the car to the final MTC

Martin Wilkinson finished  5th OA  (2nd in  class)  in  his  Mk2  Escort.  Barry & Michael Lindsay were  13th OA  (2nd in  class),  NigelHelen Harkness were 29th O/A (5th in class)

Caroline Lodge finished 21st Overall 1st in class navigating for Jimmy Hall

Rally Results – August 2016

Promenade Stages.
Darren Martin with Dan Hurst finished 26th OA (16th in class) in the Evo. Jamie Martin / Kyle Gass finished 42nd OA (19th in class) in an Escort Cosworth.

Jon Stynes finished 19th OA (7th in class), Phil & Caroline Jobson finished 20th OA (8th in class). Retirement for Barry & Michael Lindsay with gearbox issues.

Elfyn Evans & Craig Parry won their fifth BRC round of the year. This so the DMACK team won the BRC teams championship. CA1 team finished runner up despite Fredrik Ahlin & Morton Abrahamsen retiring with engine failure.

Rally Results (June / July 2016)

Scottish – Elfyn Evans / Craig Parry won the event despite running first on the loose roads. Rory Young finished 13th Overall (3rd in class) navigated by Dave Robson. Phil Jobson & Jerry Hettrick were 46th Overall 91st in class) in the Mk1 collecting good NHRC points. John McIlwraith were 61st (2nd in class). Fredrik Ahlin & Morton Abrahamsen retired on the start of stage 4 when the propshaft broke.

Greystoke Phil Jobson & Jerry Hettrick finished 8th OA (3rd in class), Mark Shaw / James Coxon were 16th OA (1st in class), Rob Graham / Helen Harkness were 23rd OA (5th in class) Barry Lindsay / Caroline Lodge Retired off the road. Kieron & Jon Stynes retired after an off then Clutch trouble.

NG StagesElfyn Evans / Craig Parry won the event in the DMACK Fiesta R5. Fredrik Ahlin / Morton Abrahamsen went off on stage 2. Got the car repaired to super rally on day 2 and finished 30th OA 13th in class.