April 12 Car

Organized by Jerry & Barrie the event started from ALS on Kingstown for a 95mile Saturday night run. 6 crews set off as dusk descended into Darkness. Route went around the Orton area before heading south via Thursby then east via Skip Rigg and Durdar before petrol at Carrow House. The remainder of the route cris crossed the M6 via Armathwaite and Ivegill etc before finishing near Southwaite. Continue reading

12 Car Results (December 2012)

1s t        1st Novice       Phil & Caroline Jobson                          0f 1min

2nd      2nd Novice      Nigel Harkness / Helen Gibbon          0f 9min

=  1st Expert    Johnny Brass / Tom Wilcox                 0f 9min

4th     2nd Expert     Barrie Thomson / Jerry Hettrick        1f 5min

5th      3rd Expert      Paul Schatz / Richard Todd                1f 15min

OTL     Novice      Jonathan Fowler / Stuart Hamilton   0f 42min

RTD     Novice       Neil Varah / Todd Brown            TC5

RTD     Expert       Eric Ritchie / John Ross               TC4


12 Car November 8th

The next 12 car will be November 8th, due to lack of entries in the past, one of the aims of this event is to judge interest amongst club members.

So if you wish to see more 12 cars run in the future please support this event.

Details next month but reserve the 8th November NOW.

Details from Barry Lindsay

Spadeadam April 12 Car

By Dan Haynes

So this was it. Three weeks prior I had responded to a text that Jerry Hettrick sent saying ‘Yeah, put me down for that!’

Normally a formality for us, but on this occasion my chosen chariot was sat on my parent’s drive where it had been abandoned when our attempt at February’s EVMC 12 car resulted in a broken CV joint calamity.

To cut a long story short, the Ibiza was fixed and finished with camber set up and everything by 19:05 on the night of the event. Now to some of you this may seem a little last minute, however I can assure all that by Haynes/Johnson standards this was unbelievably organise, so much so I was able to road test the car, return home and double check the wheel nuts were nipped up tight. Herein lay my downfall; one…tight, two…tight, three…crack – oops I’ve broken it. So with three tight studs and half stud in the hub I set off to pick up my faithful Navigator. Fortunately, once at Pete’s we got the car jacked up, wheel off and stud extracted with enough time to get to Gretna for the start, just.

The event started at 20:15, which was slightly delayed due to it being pretty light at 20:00. This gave us plenty time to make certain that the crew borrowing my spare map got the old one. The lent map didn’t show the support road alongside the M6 extension, which unfortunately was used in the first section.

We got to TC1 clean, which was a direct run from Gretna to the West side of Floriston Crossing. From there it was a short blast round Rockcliffe Cross/Castletown area where my local knowledge didn’t help and we ended up missing a side road and adding about ¾ mile to what was a relatively short section. So TC2 and 1 minute dropped.

From there we ran up towards Westlinton, and used the crisscross of roads between the Motorway and A7 until eventually crossing the A7 and coming into the TC between Alstonby and Westlinton. From there we ran back towards Rockcliffe and Cargo via Cringledyke. Then on to the biggest NAM we have ever done, about 5 miles & consisting of three roundabouts on the new Northern Bypass. We messed about a bit here as we were uncertain as to which way along the bypass we should have been heading. We knew the finish was at Smithfield and we were going there after the next section, but the instructions seemed to be taking us too far away from the finish location. Anyway, having turned round, stopped, ummed, aahhed we made an educated guess and got it right, getting into the time control 2 mins late.

We then blasted round Bousted hill, Little Orton, the old airfield with the finish being on our way into Carlisle. The roads had been slippery all night with patches of standing water but this last section really took the prize for the number of times a puddle, pothole or muddy section tried to drown, damage or disorientate car and team. However, we managed to maintain a reasonable pace and despite Pete repeating, ‘I’m only a junction ahead’, there were no further major navigational errors made. This got us to the finish on our minute and left us with grins on both sides of the car.

So, well done to all marshals and event organisers, it was a 12 car to be proud of. Really enjoyable route, instructions that were simple yet took enough thought to make them interesting. The only negative is that it would have been good to see a few more entries, as the event certainly deserved it!

March 12 Car Report

By Paul Allen

Crews met up at Westlinton layby on the A7 for the March 12 car organised by Barry Lindsay. It was a cold, windy night with the threat of showers but the roads were mostly dry. The first expert clue looked like a list of 3 directions, but it was actually 9 craftily grouped together and they were giving us the direction that we were to depart grid squares. The route took us up around the 1542 battle ground, across the A7 and to 1 mile east of Longtown. TC2 to TC3 was a 4 min section using clock directions which did in fact take 4 mins due to the narrow and twisty lanes used. Continue reading

February 12 Car Report & Results

By Barry Lindsay

The February 12 car was organised by Richard Todd and started from the car park at the top of Caldbeck. Five crews set out and four of which set off from the start in the wrong direction not spotting that the actual start ref was the crossroads 100m away! The route then looped south round Branthwaite, Longlands and Bassenthwaite before heading north to Uldale, Sandale then Boltongate. A real narrow country road which deteriorated to grass in the middle! Then up to a control near Westward. Another rough road through Reathwaite which even had a wagon parked up delivering at a farm. All the crews went passed it down the farm yard. Not sure where we went next (I am a driver and don’t have the map!) but we were round by Wiggonby, Thursby roundabout, Baldwinholme and back to the finish in Dalston. Brilliant route on some of the narrowest roads and good instructions.

Thanks to Richard and his marshals for an entertaining evening, and to Neil for navigating.


1st 1st Exp   Tom Wilcox & Paul Allen                    2 F      3min

2nd 2nd Exp   Barry Lindsay & Neil Thomlinson     2 F     4min

3rd 1st Nov   Chris Thornton & Chris Ware            2 F     10min

4th 2nd Nov   Chris Walker & Joe Walker                3 F     4min

5th 3rd Nov   Henry Lowthian & Dave Taylor         3 F     35min

February 12 car – Little Brown Jug

By Paul Allen

5 or so crews gathered at the Windy Hill car park under the shadow of the Caldbeck Mast. The first section should have included a quick loop down to Ratten Row and back along a narrow yellow, but the start ref was interpreted incorrectly by many crews. Further down the fell, Toddy had put out some code boards facing the wrong way, just to cause added confusion and mayhem. After visiting the outskirts of Caldbeck, the route took the fell road through Fell Side and Branthwaite before arriving at TC1.

The second section continued along the fell through Longlands and south westerly to Bassenthwaite where we turned north and headed back up to Uldale and a very rough road heading up to Aughertree and TC2. There were certainly plenty of codeboards out and about and the route info was interesting enough to keep us sharp.

Back onto map 85 now via Boltongate and there appeared to be a massive white Renault artic parked in the middle of the road, but there was room to go round it as it turned out. Toddy was at TC3 near Westward with his timewarp clock, issueing some instructions that led us on a very tricky to plot route. The next 5 miles were pretty rough with loose gravel, potholes and puddles, the yellow roads were more like whites and I think a hard bash through one pothole had blebbed a front tyre as Tom noticed we now had a bad wobble making the car shake. TC4 was just west of Wigton and Tom was out of the car checking all the wheel nuts were tight before we moved off.

After only 3 or 4 miles the bad news came across the car that we had a flat, front left, so we found a suitable stopping point and jumped out to perform the well practised wheel change routine… Coincidentally this was the northern most that the evenings route took us. We rolled into the penultimate control a couple of minutes late and received a herring bone as the final clue. This took us along yet more narrow and twisty back lanes to the finish at Bridge End Dalston. An interesting event by Toddy and a good range of results across the board. Thanks to Richard and all the marshals

November 12 Car (Mk III)

By David Love

It was a dark, wet and windy night but John’s 12 Car hadn’t been canceled so I arrived in Gretna to marshal in waterproof trousers only to have Caroline mutter something about incontinence and men of a certain age and offering me a couple of elastic bands. Amazingly there were more than enough marshals & 6 1/2 competitors.  Phil Jobson was looking for a volunteer to do the rally with him.  He must have been desperate cos he took me as a driver, which was preferable to me being a passenger and puking in his car.  He wasn’t sure himself how long his stomach would last and that if John had set the route to sort the men from the boys he was definitely one of the latter.  He needn’t have worried, as I’m not a competitive person, just want to enjoy myself.

We were a bit slow on the first section with not having a lot of time to get sorted in the car and then stopping to plot the out of bounds and quiet zones before getting going but we got to the first Control before some of the later runners, so that was a great start as far as I was concerned.  At this point in a report there would be a rundown of the route, no chance!  I didn’t know where the hell I was going or had been.  Can’t say I cared either, just glad to avoid walls, ditches and hedges.  I just went where I was told.  Phil said turn right, I turned right, he said turn left, I turned left most times.  I remember hitting several big puddles that turned into walls of water washing straight over the car, couldn’t see anything at all out of the windscreen for a second or two.  Phil felt he needed air at one point so put the window down, you know where this is going, don’t you?  Yes, we hit a big puddle and even I got splashed.  I had my doubts that buying a car with silver grey leather seats wasn’t one of my smarter moves and the next morning I realised I was correct.  The back seat was peppered with brown splodges and even the inside of the rear screen had caught it.  Lesson one learned!

Phil did a great job of getting us to the right controls the right way until the 2nd last section when even working together we couldn’t plot it!  Why?  We didn’t read the instruction properly!  Lesson two learned.  It read “Via 7 crossings and 1 touch of the national grid”  We read it as 2 separate instructions and I convinced Phil that it meant 7 water crossings.  You wouldn’t believe how many streams are in that area.  So we decided to cut our losses, take the shortest route to the next control and ended up approaching WD.  The last section plotted ok but was long and on some real nadgery roads.  Caroline used delaying tactics by sending us back up the road into a farmyard and a dead end forest road looking for a marker that didn’t exist.  I was starting to feel a bit off by then so we slowed & arrived too late at the last control.  I decided to give going to the Finish a miss and headed home for an Alka Selzer.  Sorry to disappoint you, Geoffrey and Caroline, I’m sure you had one or two caustic comments lined up.

Thanks to John for an interesting and enjoyable route on my first and probably last 12 Car.

Thanks also to Phil for getting me into the middle of nowhere and then back to civilisation while keeping his tea where it belonged.

November 12 Car Report (MkII)

By Paul Allen

After the first 12 car this winter being canceled, it was nice to get 7 entries for John Ross’ event, north of the border. It seemed a long way for me to be coming from Kendal, even more so for Tony from Bentham I guess, but we headed up wondering what might lie in store. We were rewarded with a very good slick event, nice and hectic, just how I like them.

We started in Gretna centre and looped up to Springfield via a NAM in a layby. Then after TC1 came the only white of the night. There was only one, but it was over a mile long! luckily, Tony was trying out his new knobbly tyres so this was heaven to him. We passed 2 cars along here alone and then turned south back to go anti-clockwise around Gretna. After Rigg, we approached Kirkpatrick Fleming and found John Ross himself at TC2. We were now 1st car on the road even though we had set off at car 6.

The first clue had been tulips, then grid lines, now we were faced with a CAR herring bone, so where we started it on the map was critical to it’s success. This took us round by Creca to just down the road from Kirtlebridge. Next was a join the dots by passing through a list of spot heights. This took us away up to Waterbeck and back toward Chapelknowe on the B6357.

The roads in Scotland were certainly proving to be just as good as the ones in England. Tight and twisty and only the occasional dog walker. The next clue was to cross grid lines 7 times and one touch. The way it was worded confused some navigators, looking for 7 river crossings or 7 spot heights. The correct route involved a loop to the east before finding a NAM triangle, but this section probably caused more missed codeboards than any other.

The final section was simply 4 grid refs, but they had subtle App and Dep directions that made quite an intricate loop up. We used sections of the old A7 around Canonbie before finishing along a yellow to the south east of Evertown. John Ross was marshalling again at TC7 to collect time cards in and we all headed off to Smithfield for refreshments. It was a windy night with lots of standing water and fallen leaves on the roads. There were also many twigs and even a couple of branches.

Apparently the route hadn’t been more than 9 miles from Gretna as the crow flies all evening. It was a lovely compact route, well thought out and very well organised on the night. We dropped time on 3 sections and were pretty close to our minute on the remainder. A big thanks to John Ross for all his meticulous efforts and the marshals for turning out and getting all controls exactly right.

November 12 Car (Mk I)

By John Ross

For those who want to know where they should have gone MC1-TC1 was via a Tulip section without the balls Took crews out of Gretna and over the Border towards Longtown a quick left toward Solway Moss and back into Scotland to the first NAM in a lay-by just passed the railway bridge but before the roundabout, the left up the hill to the second marker on the roundabout at the top followed by a quick right into Springfield and immediately left and on toTC1 at the entry to Quintonshill white where there was an enormous amount of standing water down its full length.

TC1-2 was gridline with a lot of back and forward over the same lines. Back into Gretna Green and round by the Flosh over the A75 and down the yellows back to the edge of Gretna. Those on the right route had by now covered over 8 miles but were still less than 1/2 mile from where they started now was the time to move out into the country. A quick blast via Rigg and on to Kirkpatrick Fleming.TC2-3 involved a herring bone passed Bruce’s Cave to Blackyett the southwest to Broats along the B road to Stapleton crossroads to the control close to Stapleton Tower. 3-4 was a simple section of map symbols and spot heights taking crews round a 2 mile square to TC4 just off the old A74 by Robgill Tower. 4-5 via  a series of Spot Heights was to take the rally right the way round the Springkell Estate via Eaglesfield and Waterbeck to TC5 near Howgillside. 5-6 appears to have been the section that caught most crews out. The instructions said to cross seven times and touch once the National Grid (the main power lines which transport electricity above our heads) a simple black line with a V attached every centimeter all across the map. This took crews to Chapelknowe then SE to Corriesmill then north again to Milltown SW along the B road before turning north to Cadgillhead south through the twisty Cadgillburn before sweeping NW to Kennedys Corner and on to George braving it out on top of a windswept hill st High Stenries. From here it was again NE passed Barnsgillhead and round the triangular forest at the top of the map to a NAM with no board (my fault, ran out of time) then down to the A7 at the Hollows, North up the A7 and back south on the yellow that runs parallel, east to Claygate and on the Prioryhill and Canonbie and north up the yellow towards The Hollows again the back south on the A7 to Canonbie then west along the B road to Evertown and a final run into TC7 through Glenzierfoot and back to the Robin Hood at Smithfield for the final results.

I hope those of you who took part enjoyed themselves the total mileage was just over 70miles and at no point were you ever more that 9 miles from where you started. It has been more than 25 years since I last put on a 12 Car and I had forgotten the difficulties and yet the great enjoyment there is an putting on such an event. I still have things to learn, I never had to deal with Route Liason Officers last time I was organiser but they are there to help us, I made things more difficult for myself be deciding to run north of the border, but it gave those who did compete a new challenge as few had ever driven those roads. Let alone on a rally.

As an organiser it was heartening to see 7 crews turn up, it would have been nicer to see 12. I tried to make the navigation simple enough for all without having novice and expert route cards. It can be done, even the experts thoroughly enjoyed the plotting hopefully more simple navigation will in time lead to more people having a go, and lets face it motorsport in general needs more people starting at the grassroots to perpetuate itself.

Results are as follows:

1 Tony Harrison/ Paul Allen                          1 Fail  5 Min

2 Barry Thomson/Jerry Hettrick                 2 Fail 21 Min

3 Alan & Robert Blake                                     3 Fail 13 Min

4 Barry Lindsay/Neil Thomlinson                5 Fail 13 Min

5 Keith Taylor/Caroline Lodge                      6 Fail 24 Min

Non Finishers

Dave Love/Phil Jobson                                   OTL at TC6

Andy Westgarth/Mike Saunders before      OTL at TC5