February 12 car – Little Brown Jug

By Paul Allen

5 or so crews gathered at the Windy Hill car park under the shadow of the Caldbeck Mast. The first section should have included a quick loop down to Ratten Row and back along a narrow yellow, but the start ref was interpreted incorrectly by many crews. Further down the fell, Toddy had put out some code boards facing the wrong way, just to cause added confusion and mayhem. After visiting the outskirts of Caldbeck, the route took the fell road through Fell Side and Branthwaite before arriving at TC1.

The second section continued along the fell through Longlands and south westerly to Bassenthwaite where we turned north and headed back up to Uldale and a very rough road heading up to Aughertree and TC2. There were certainly plenty of codeboards out and about and the route info was interesting enough to keep us sharp.

Back onto map 85 now via Boltongate and there appeared to be a massive white Renault artic parked in the middle of the road, but there was room to go round it as it turned out. Toddy was at TC3 near Westward with his timewarp clock, issueing some instructions that led us on a very tricky to plot route. The next 5 miles were pretty rough with loose gravel, potholes and puddles, the yellow roads were more like whites and I think a hard bash through one pothole had blebbed a front tyre as Tom noticed we now had a bad wobble making the car shake. TC4 was just west of Wigton and Tom was out of the car checking all the wheel nuts were tight before we moved off.

After only 3 or 4 miles the bad news came across the car that we had a flat, front left, so we found a suitable stopping point and jumped out to perform the well practised wheel change routine… Coincidentally this was the northern most that the evenings route took us. We rolled into the penultimate control a couple of minutes late and received a herring bone as the final clue. This took us along yet more narrow and twisty back lanes to the finish at Bridge End Dalston. An interesting event by Toddy and a good range of results across the board. Thanks to Richard and all the marshals