12 Car Results (April 2017)

1st Exp   Phil Jobson / Paul Hettrick 5f 18min
2nd Exp Evan Porter / Alex Guest 5f 40min
3rd Exp Chris Thornton / Dan Whitmore 9f 28min
1st Nov Barry Lindsay / Graham Petry 4f 19min
RTD Paul Schatz / Andrew Brass Rear Wheel Bearing

Thanks to marshals and Jerry Hettrick for organizing.

April 12 Car Results 2015

April’s 12 car was based over the border, a great route but not without it’s fair share of issues for crews!

1st OA 1st Nov Andrew Graham / Michael Humes               3F 30min

2nd OA 1st Exp Barry Lindsay / Neil Thomlinson                 7F 30min

Rtd               Richard Clark / Paul Hettrick           Steering

Rtd               Nigel Harkness / Helen Gibbon       Puncture / Wheel

Rtd               Phil Jobson / Caroline Jobson         Engine

Championship positions after 3 rounds


1st Barry Lindsay      34pts                1st Jerry Hetrick           22pts

2nd Phil Jobson             20pts             2nd Pete Johnson         12pts

3rd Barrie Thomson     12pts             3rd Richard Todd         12pts

4th Andrew Graham     9pts             4th Neil Thomlinson     12pts

5th Caroline Jobson     10pts

6th George Edminson     9pts


1st Andrew Graham   24pts           1st Michael Humes         24pts

2nd Nigel Harkness     20pts             2nd Helen Gibbon           20pts

3rd Kenton Pattison   20pts          3rd Paul Hettrick           18pts

4th Richard Clark       18pts             4th Neil Henderson       10pts

5th Callum                   10pts

April 12 Car Results

1st OA 1st Exp  —    Barrie Thomson / Jerry Hettrick   270 points
(5 incorrect markers & 2min)
2nd OA 2nd Exp —  Barry Lindsay / Neil Thomlinson 330 points
(6 incorrect markers & 3min)
3rd OA 1st Nov Andrew Graham / George Edminson 520 points
(9 incorrect markers & 7min)
RTD  Phil Jobson / Caroline Jobson

Thank you to Ian Robinson & all the marshals.