Club Nights. Comprising Video Nights, Navigational Instruction, quizzes and competitions, outside visits and Guest Speakers.

12 Car Navigational Rallies. For Experts and Novices/Newcomers, with separate Championships for each Class. Experts will give advice and assistance to encourage Newcomers to do these low cost Rallies (about £ 10.00 per Rally)
which require only an ordinary road car, a couple of OS maps and two enthusiastic competitors – Don’t be shy, give them a try.

The Blue Streak Targa Rally Held annually in North Cumbria, based in and around Brampton. It takes its name from the rocket that many of our early members worked on.

Marshalling. Marshal on a local event including the Pirelli International Rally, the Malcolm Wilson Rally, the Jim Clark Rally, LE JOG and many more. If you don’t want to compete, get close to the action by marshalling.

Stage Rallying. The Club organizes the Spadeadam Motor Club Stage Rally Championship, which has counting Rounds on most local Rallies. Competitors use stage rally cars which have safety and protective measures built in. A rally car at speed in the forestry or on tarmac is spectacular to watch.

Autotests. Control your car around a tight coned course on a loose surface whilst attempting to set the fastest time – difficult but fun !!. Gymkhana’s introduce a fun element to these activities.

Production Car Trials. Negotiate a twisting course up a steep grassy bank. See how far you can get before coming to a halt !

Treasure Hunts. Solve difficult clues with help from the rest of the team. Good family fun.

Soap Box Derby. Fun day when “brave (?)” racers hurtle down a closed track on home built karts – spectacular action and crashes guaranteed. Regulations for 2016 can be found here

To see what we have planned for the coming year, the 2016 event calendar can be found HERE.

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