Playstation Night

September Club Night was the Playstation Night. The night when members get to drive world rally cars and not actually have to pay to get them repaired!


1st  Barry Lindsay       11m 05          6th Mark Taylor        12m 05

2nd Kenton Patterson  11m 09          7th Neil Varah           12m 34

3rd Jon Stynes           11m 29          8th David Love          14m 56

4th Zack Varah           11m 32         9th George Edminson 15m 07

5th Kieron Stynes       11m 37

Playstation Results

The Olympic themed medalists from the September club night were:


Gold:    Zach Varah

Silver:  Barry Lindsay

Bronze: Neil Varah

Playstation Night

By Barry Lindsay

The September Club night was held in the Workshop of Keith & Peter Taylor at Smithfield. As well as the Playstations a very entertaining evening looking at and sitting in the three rallycars for those that wanted. Thanks again to Keith & Peter for making us welcome.


1st Barry Lindsay 8m 07s
2nd Zach Varah 9m 02s
3rd Mark Taylor 9m 23s
4th Johnathan Fowler 9m 26s
5th Neil Varah 9m 54s
6th Helen Gibbon 11m 15s
7th Dave Love 11m 27s
8th Nigel Harkness 12m 07s