The ‘Bagger’ 2017

By Phil Jobson

It started with a phone call from Jerry asking me what I’m doing on 21st January 2017. I reckoned Jerry would usually ask me that question if there was a REALLY GOOD road rally in the offing. But I’d already heard the jungle drums… “The Bagger17″ was on!!!

The subsequently announced date for NHRC Awards night clash, I’m afraid, wouldn’t stop me taking advantage of a Classic taking place for the first time in 7 years.

Jerry and I completed the 2010 Bagger, despite going off into a frosty field, and Jerry haring round it to find a downhill gate back onto the road. The Bagger is so frenetic with continuous Controls, and the tightest twistiest sections anywhere in the U.K. (Mind you, I haven’t road rallied in SW Wales ….. yet). We ended up cutting and running to avoid going OTL. Continue reading

April 12 Car

Organized by Jerry & Barrie the event started from ALS on Kingstown for a 95mile Saturday night run. 6 crews set off as dusk descended into Darkness. Route went around the Orton area before heading south via Thursby then east via Skip Rigg and Durdar before petrol at Carrow House. The remainder of the route cris crossed the M6 via Armathwaite and Ivegill etc before finishing near Southwaite. Continue reading

March 12 Car Results

By Barry Lindsay

A clear night with the stars in the sky was a great night for a 12 car… or was it, the sound of revving engines and tyre howl echoed for miles. Competitors on the whole had smiles on their faces as they returned to Skitby to work out where they had gone wrong.

Thanks to Ian Robinson, Nigel Harkness, Jonathan Lodge, Michael Lindsay, Geoffrey Harkness & Martyn Perty for marshalling

1st 1st NOV Phil Jobson / Paul Hettrick               Escort     0F 1min

2nd 1st EXP Helen Harkness / Neil Thomlinson    Corsa      0F 3min

3rd 2nd EXP Barrie Thomson / Jerry Hettrick        C2         0F 5min

4th 2nd NOV Kenton Pattison / Rob                    Astra      2F 13min

Eden Valley MC 12 Car – A Run Round Westmorland

By Nigel Harkness

Back in early February, Helen had one her “good ideas”, Eden Valley MC were running a 99 mile 12 car.  The words “Fun” and “Challenging” were used. It would also be a chance to drive some unfamiliar roads, so no guessing where the route might head. There was also the consideration that we could get lost without anyone else knowing about it!

 An entry was secured and with entries in high deamand, we were committed to doing it. A few days before, I located the appropriate maps (no running around trying to find them the afternoon of the event). Cleaned the car, removed the junk from the boot, tied everything else down. We were ready. Continue reading

Hexham Historic Rally – A Marshal’s Ramblings

By Dave Love

5pm Satruday 19th of November, Chris Walker and I are headed over to Humshaugh to sign on then man 2 controls on the Hexham Historic / John Robson Navigational Rally. I’m sure getting to signing on is part of the event, as I can’t remember it being the same place twice in the past few years. I thought we might have trouble finding the village hall but the half mile line of cars parked both sides of the road gave us a clue. First it was Alan & Rob Blake out for the first time since John Ross’ 12 car last year. Then I bumped into Phil Jobson who had Jerry Hettrick on the maps. Time was pressing on so we thought we’d better sign on. When we did we were given 2 envelopes with TC instructions, 2 meal tickets and a bedside alarm clock! Didn’t realise we’d have time for a nap. The fact that the organisers were using these clocks isn’t as strange as you first think, they had big numbers, were backlit and were radio controlled so they would al be on the same minute and second- theoretically.

Off we went to our first control, TC3, at Portgate, ten mins along the B6318 and got the car safely parked on the verge, when we looked at the control instructions which told us we had to ensure that 2 gates half a mile before us were open and secured. Although there was 40 mins before car 1, I thought it best we didn’t go WD. I said to Chris, “We’ll go back along the B road, pop down that white, open the gates and be back here in 10 mins”. I should really listen to what I’m saying, “Pop down that white”. It was a little bit rough at the start but nothing the Audi couldn’t handle, no wet grass Geoffrey. Round a corner there was ‘wet grass’, and potholes, then there were wheel ruts and a very narrow part past gorse bushes on the passenger side, which made a noise along that side of the car, similar to fingernails screeching down a blackboard. Next up came a crater the width of the track. It was pretty deep with a step down to the water. We decided that hitting reverse was the best course of action, especially when Chris said, “You get stuck in there and I’m not pushing you out!?”. It was back past the gorse bushes , which made the same noise. At least it was the same side of the car getting the punishment. Slowly we made our way back to the B road, of for a pair of Cibes on the back bumper. We then sped WD to find them both opened AND manned. ***@@@$$! Once we were back at the control Chris inspected the scratches on the paddneger side and declared that it was now time to trade in the Audi – in the rain.

Continue reading

SMC Crew ‘Sees The Light’ on the Illuminations Rally (2011)

By Phil Jobson/Jerry Hettrick

The Navigator had recovered somewhat from the flu he had contracted, but heading off to the start of the Illuminations Road Rally at Great Langdale, the driver was suffering from debilitating back pain. On arrival, further angst challenged the crew with a Poti to rewire and then a flat front tyre, so starting the event on 3 x Yokohama A021’s and 1 x A048 was not ideal when the crew faced a challenging route over some of the most gruelling mountain passes in the country.

Bleatarn, Wrynose and Hardknott Passes in a single opening Regularity provided a rude awakening for crews; it was clear that the multitude of historic Minis were better suited to the route. Oblivious to the BIG DROPS on either hand, the crew pressed the Silver Bullet hard into each hairpin trusting the tyres to turn in. The crew dropped just 4 minutes 25seconds over the 17 mile opener, but were beaten by some nimble small FWD cars, including Dave (King of Hardknott) Head who cleaned the section.

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