April 12 Car

Organized by Jerry & Barrie the event started from ALS on Kingstown for a 95mile Saturday night run. 6 crews set off as dusk descended into Darkness. Route went around the Orton area before heading south via Thursby then east via Skip Rigg and Durdar before petrol at Carrow House. The remainder of the route cris crossed the M6 via Armathwaite and Ivegill etc before finishing near Southwaite.

Thanks to Ian, Nigel & Helen, Richard, Michael, Geoffrey, John, Jerry, Deborah, Lewis & Barrie,  for marshalling


1st 1st NOV   Andrew Brass / Andrew Graham   Subaru     0F 1min

2nd 2nd NOV Barry Lindsay / Martyn Petry         C2           0F 5min

3rd 3rd NOV Phil Jobson / Paul Hettrick             Mk2         1F 3min

4th 1st EXP  Tony Harrison / Paul Allen             Proton     2F ??min

5th 4th NOV            205crew

6th 2nd Exp Paul Schatz / Richard Todd           205          4F ??min

12 Car Championship points



1st        Barrie Thomson     22pts         1st      Jerry Hettrick           22pts

2nd =  Helen Harkness                         2nd  = Neil Thomlinson

=  Tony Harrison       15pts                 = Paul Allen                 15pts

4th      Paul Schatz             12pts          4th      Richard Todd          12pts



1st      Phil Jobson            27pts           1st    Paul Hettrick              27pts

2nd    Andrew Brass       15pts           2nd    Andrew Graham       15pts

3rd= Kenton Pattison                          3rd=  Rob

=  Barry Lindsay        12pts                =  Martyn Petry              12pts