Malcolm Wilson Stages 2016

By Barry Lindsay

Seven Spadeadam crews lined up to stage the BTRDA event which started from M-sport base at Cockermouth. Comb, Wythop and Greystoke before service at Penrith then Thornsgill, Grizedale North, Grizedale South and Thornsgill 2 before the second service then Greystoke 2 before finishing at Penrith Auction.

Rory Young & Allan Cathers were in the R5 and seeded at 7.Barry & Michael Lindsay were  at 52 in the 206. Phil & Caroline Jobson were at 63 closely followed at 67 by Darren Martin & Martin Steele in the Evo9. Mark Shaw & James Coxon were at 72 in the Sunbeam, Rob Graham & Helen Harkness in the Historic class Mk1 at 90 then Jimmy Hall & Caroline Lodge at 95.

Barry & Michael were first to find out how slippy the stages were. Near the end of the Comb stage the 206 entered a 90 left hairpin right almost backwards clipping a bank and slamming it into some big rocks. Over a minute was lost as spectators manhandle the car backwards as reverse couldn’t be selected. The impact had bent the bottom arm, steering arm and subframe eventually getting a time of 7m 59. Quickest through the stage was Rory & Allan with 6m09 ahead of Darren & Martin in the Evo with 6m 47. Phil & Caroline were next with 6m 58, then Mark & James on 7m01. Jimmy & Caroline got 7m03 but this included a spin at the same place as Barry & Michael hit the rock. The silly thing is they all know the corner as its where Caroline rolled navigating for Dave Head a few years ago. Rob & Helen getting 7m 21.

Wythop next, Rory & Allan got 3m38 while Mark & James flew up the hill in the Sunbeam getting 4m 04. Barry & Michael were next with 4m10 despite the D/S wheel folded under and the tracking when one wheel was straight the other was at 45degrees. Jimmy & Caroline just behind in 4m 12 only 1 second ahead of Phil & Caroline, then another 2 seconds back Rob & Helen on 4m15. Darren & Martin struggled on this one getting 4m 29.

Greystoke Rory & Allan dropped time in here getting 8m 06. Darren & Martin were back up to speed quickest with 8m 12. Phil & Caroline were next with 8m35. Jimmy & Caroline got 8m 51, one second ahead of Barry & Michael who struggled on the fast straights to keep the car on the road and were contemplating parking up as there was too much damage and time being lost. A further second behind were Mark & James, then Rob & Helen on 9m 05.

Service and the services of Richard Clark had been acquired / stolen from Phil till they came to work on the 206. The damaged parts were pulled, hit then eventually cut off and Richard with several laborers passing, getting and finding what he needed managed to get it back on its wheels and to the out control with seconds to spare.

Thornsgill 1, a short stage on the way to Kirkstone pass the only way

to get to Grizedale this year. Rory & Allan getting 1m12, Darren Martin getting 1m 14 just ahead of Phil & Caroline on 1m15. Jimmy & Caroline as well as Barry & Michael got 1m18. Mark & James on 1m19 then Rob & Helen on 1m20.

Down to Grizedale and the fog had dropped thankfully it was just a patch over the start area for the first couple of miles but it was very

dense. Rory & Allan had a good run getting 9m15. Barry & Michael were pushing hard despite knowing that they weren’t going to make a minute back and despite there being some sections not used for a very long time they got 10m09 (21 faster than the class leaders). Phil & Caroline were next on 10m16 then Jimmy & Caroline on 10m21. Darren & Martine getting 10m27 while Mark & James got 10m 47 after they were starting to get rear suspension problems. Rob & Helen getting 11m15.

Straight into a mid-forest start for Grizedale South. Rory & Allan getting 11m40 while Barry & Michael were now up to speed despite the tracking still being a fair bit out but this was generating extra heat in the Dmacks. A full on attack and despite not reading notes in the forest for 9 month Michael was note perfect. 12m23 (22sec faster than the class leaders) next Phil & Caroline on 12m41 but was now struggling on tyres that had given their best and had very little tread left. Jimmy & Caroline got 12m 48 then Darren & Martin on 13m05. Mark & James getting 13m15 ahead of Rob & Helen on 13m 42.

The second Thornsgill stage Rory & Allan knocked 5 seconds off there previous run getting 1m 07. Darren & Martin got 1m15 one second ahead of Phil & Caroline then another second to Jimmy & Caroline as well as Barry & Michael. Rob & Helen getting 1m21 then Mark & James on 1m 23. Service before the final stage.

Greystoke 2 was a lot drier then the first run and a lot faster. Rory & Allan were second fastest of the event in this one helping to move them up the leader board, getting 7m29 Darren & Martin went 9 seconds quicker than there first run getting 8m 03. Barry & Michael got 8m 21 taking another 11 off the class leader but it wasn’t enough although Michael thought it was as fast as he wants to go. Phil & Caroline got 8m 28 then Jimmy & Caroline on 8m32. Mark & James on 8m 47 then Rob & Helen on 9m 11.


7th 5th   Rory Young / Allan Cathers            R5              48m 36sec

36th 5th Darren Martin / Martin Steel           Evo            53m 32sec

38th 8th Phil & Caroline Jobson                   Mk2 Escort  53m 42sec

44th 3rd Jimmy Hall / Caroline Lodge           Compact     54m 22sec

46th 4th Barry & Michael Lindsay                 206            54m 29sec

54th 7th Mark Shaw / James Coxon             Sunbeam    55m 29sec

63rd 3rd Rob Graham / Helen Harkness       Mk1 Escort   57m 30sec