Summer Drive 2017

By Caroline Lodge

Some time ago I agreed to organise this years Summer Drive. Can’t be that hard I thought, have a drive out, stop for refreshments and drive back. No worries – Hmmmm…
Firstly, to be honest the event slipped my mind! However I was reminded in plenty of time and got on with it. Put my thinking cap on – first idea Elf Kirk View point would be nice – Nope it’s too far. High Force would include a walk, that would be good – Nope they shut the path or turn the falls off at 5pm. Oh heck where can we go?
After a bit of grumbling and staring at the maps, I planned a route. My assistant Dylan and I set off to check it out and take some photos of junctions etc. All went well and the mini road books were all printed and sorted over a week before the date. Continue reading

Pathfinders 2017

The May club night was the Pathfinders, thank you to Barry Lindsay & Martyn Petry, last year’s winners for organising. Next year’s event will be organised by Christine & John Ross.


1st Christine & John Ross               12 Clues 41miles
(1hr 40) tie decider

2nd Geoffrey Harkness, Martyn Petry  Kay Lindsay    12 Clues 41miles
(1hr 42)

3rd Nigel & Helen Harkness                                               12 Clues 43miles

4th Yvonne & Graham Petry, Michael Lindsay               12 Clues 44mile

5th Linda & Eric Ritchie                                                       8 Clues 45mile

6th Kieron & Jon Stynes                                                       3 Clues 41mile

Autosport International 2017

Have you ever seen a car loop-­‐the –loop? I mean a real car, not a toy one! Well, I hadn’t either, until I saw it happen as part of the Live Action Show at Autosport International. At least, that is what I thought I saw, but I wasn’t certain if I could believe my eyes. The last time I can remember feeling like this was several years ago whilst marshalling at turn 4 at Laguna Seca. An Indycar did a back flip over a tyre wall, cleared a 12ft high debris fence, and landed upside down in a dry ditch. The two of us on the post looked at each other for a moment and said “Did you just see what I think I have just seen?” Having decided that we both had, we then thought we had better go and see if the driver was ok. I’m pleased to say that he was, and that our version of events was confirmed by the ESPN cameramen, whose head the car had flown over! Continue reading

Autotest Championship Final 2016

Autotest Championship 2016, Final Positions

1st Barry Lindsay                 67pts

2nd Nigel Harkness              50pts

3rd Kenton Pattison              38pts

4th Andrew Graham            34pts   (24 Rd Car)

5th Helen Harkness             31pts

6th John Ross                        28pts

7th John Holliday                 23pts   (Rd Car)

8th Jamie Stuart                   22pts   (Rd Car)

9th Martin Davis                  20pts

10th George Edminson      18pts    (Rd Car)

11th Jonathan Fowler        15pts

12th Richard Clark             15pts

13th John Barber                11pts       

14th Geoffrey Harkness    6pts   (Rd Car)

15th Nic Fowler                  6pts

16th Neil Thomlinson       4pts

17th Mark Talbot             4pts    (Rd Car)

18th Andy Thomson       4pts

19th Drew McClean        3pts    (Rd Car)

20th Allan Faulder         2pts

21st Chris Hunter           2pts

22nd Mandy Talbot        1pt

23rd William Cheesbrough        1pt

24th Simon Jobson     (Rd Car)      1pt

25th Phil Jobson                           1pt

26th Kieron Stynes       (Rd Car)     1pt


Rally Results (December 2016)

Hero Stages at Weeton (Missed from Dec Newsletter)
Tim Finch finished 4th Overall (3rd in class), Darren Martin & Pete Johnston were 7th Overall (5th in class). Jamie Martin & Kyle Gass were 16th Overall (10th in class). Martin Steel retired the fiesta St with alternator failure

Grizedale Stages
Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge finished 18th Overall (3rd in class) in the 206. Darren Martin & Dan Hurst finished 19th Overall (14th in class) in the Evo9, James Coxon navigated Mark Shaw in the Sunbeam to 24th Overall (4th in class).

Christmas Stages
Annual Christmas visit to Croft for the Christmas Stages. Geoffrey Harkness & Caroline Lodge finished 41st (8th in class), Nigel & Helen Harkness were 44th (11th in class).

Editor’s Thoughts

By Helen Harkness

(You weren’t expecting that one were you? & I warn you, I’m feeling quite emotional)

Hello all,

Way back in September 1978, when “Tyred Topics” was only on edition no.99, and we were still filling 9 pages of A4, the late Bob Harrison wrote of how he ‘accidentally’ came to join Spadeadam MC and the pleasure & friendship it had brought him. He described the club at that time as a “happy and very competitive car club due to the fact that no-one is left on the sidelines”.  Bob was only a relative newcomer when he wrote that. He’d only been a member for 2 years, but reading some of the old “TT’s” you get a sense of why it had made such an impression…. Spadeadam M.C. is, and always has been a club that runs with it’s own new ideas and has it’s own personality!  38 years later, it’s comforting to read that some things don’t change much; 12 car entries were way down one year. Membership numbers had fallen, but then picked up again. The chancellor of the exchequer had just hit motorists hard in their wallets and it looked like it was the end of rallying. Committee members didn’t agree on some item on the agenda and it took a tediously long meeting to decide an outcome! The other thing that I like to think has not changed is the enthusiasm, the humour and the friendship within the club. Because really, without Spadeadam Motor Club and its members I know that my life would be that much poorer; I’d never have done closing car for 3 stages on the RAC; I’d never have won or even driven on a road rally; I’d never have been stood at 2am in a service area in -18 ºC temperatures. I’d never have navigated in a stage rally for Rob or Nigel and so much more. And I’d never have met the really wonderful folk who have helped me on the way. To borrow from Whyte Melville “I freely admit that the best of my fun, I owe it to Spadeadam Motor Club.”

But then again, some things have definitely changed…for example back in 1978 we ran an autocross event at Gilsland show and it was sponsored by “Scottish & Newcastle Breweries” and “Marlboro Cigarettes”!!  Can someone tell me if the winner received cigarettes & alcohol as a prize? And I really, really want to know why we no longer have a fancy-dress disco?! I think that should be on the next AGM agenda.




April 12 Car

Organized by Jerry & Barrie the event started from ALS on Kingstown for a 95mile Saturday night run. 6 crews set off as dusk descended into Darkness. Route went around the Orton area before heading south via Thursby then east via Skip Rigg and Durdar before petrol at Carrow House. The remainder of the route cris crossed the M6 via Armathwaite and Ivegill etc before finishing near Southwaite. Continue reading

DCC Stages Ingliston 2016

By Nigel Harkness

Back in March, at 7pm on a Sunday night, the entries opened for the DCC stages. Helen was primed and sat ready to fill in the entry, as fast as her fingers could type. The entry went in at 7.09pm, and not many minutes after that the entries were full, and the site wouldn’t accept any more.

Now all we had to do was wait to see if we did actually hit the  “enter” button in time! There was a phone call to Helen the next morning to compare times (of the email “receipt of entry”) from the only other SMC crew to get an entry in- Barrie Thomson & Jerry Hettrick. This was becoming nail biting stuff, and we hadn’t even turned a wheel yet. Entry list was published, BT & Jerry were on the reserves, but Helen & I were on the list! Right, first hurdle done!  Then it came to the seeded entry list being published, BT & Jerry were seeded at 28 & we were at 58 out of 80.  We were very happy  with that, as it was the highest we’d been seeded with the Corsa so far.

On the Saturday morning of the rally…. No, I’ll re-phrase that… in the wee small, godforsaken hours of Saturday morning, we headed north! On arrival at the show ground we found a  small, Corsa sized spot to service from, and joined the queue for scrutineering. Paperwork & signing on out the way, we had enough time for a quick walk round some of the first stage.  Right – Left – Right – Right – Left – Right… continue for 46 miles +  the odd split and merge!

Continue reading

Rally Results – (February / March 2016)

RiponianBarry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge finished the day 14th Overall and winning the 1600 class. Mark & Amanda Talbot finished there 2nd rally 2nd in the 1400 class, 44th Overall.

Mid Wales – British Rally championship returns. SMC members Elfyn Evans & Craig Parry won the event getting a max in our system. Fredrik Ahlin & Morton Abrahamsen finished 2nd O/A 92nd in class), Max Vatanen / Jacques Renucci were 17th O/A (12th in class)

Malcolm WilsonRory Young & Allan Cathers took the R5 Fiesta to 7th O/A (5th in class), Phil & Caroline Jobson took the Mk1 Escort to 38th O/A (8th in class), Caroline Lodge navigated Jimmy Hall to 44th O/A (3rd in class), Barry & Michael Lindsay finished 46th O/A (4th in class), James Coxon navigated Mark Shaw in the Sunbeam to 54th O/A (7th in class), Rob Graham & Helen Harkness finished 63rd O/A (3rd in Class)

Border CountiesJohn McIlwraith had his first outing of the year finishing 31st Overall and winning his class.

Lee Holland StagesCaroline Lodge Navigated Tyrone Lawton to 27th O/A (3rd in class).

Riponian Rally 2016

By Barry Lindsay

Round two of the SG Petch / ANECCC championship and also the final round of the Northern Forest Winter Challenge. The challenge was based on four rounds, Caroline Lodge and I had won our class on the previous three as had two other contenders. It would come down to this round and the number in the classes. Mark & Amanda Talbot also made the journey over to Thirsk for their second rally in the 106.

We got off to a bad start before the event began, whilst waiting for noise test I started with early signs of a migraine day. Not wanting to believe it was going to happen but blurred vision and not been able to focus is the early signs. After signing on we got ready and discussed whether to carry on. There was a town centre start and a long run out to the first stage so we would go to the first stage and see what had happened by then.

Continue reading