Rally Results this month (November 2015)

Rally WalesCarl & Rob Tuer took there rebuild MG Zr, but Retired on day 2

Galloway HillsRory Young & Allan Cathers finished 10th OA (3rd in class) in the Evo.

Grizedale Stages Peter Taylor was back in the Focus after a few months away from rallying, and finished 4th Overall, (4th in class), Stuart Egglestone & Brian Hodgson finished 13th OA (1st in class) in the Astra. Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge finished 17th Overall (1st in class), Darren Martin & Martin Steele were 26th Overall (17th in class) & James Coxon navigated Mark Shaw to 34th Overall (3rd in class)

Joy Ride

By David Love

You know how it is when you’re in the pub, conversation soon turns to the topic of cars and so it was for me the other week. I was leaning on the bar talking to Stephen the landlord when I asked him how his new car was going, “Great! It’s comfortable, fast and economical. I did 300 miles down country and it only cost me £40 to fill up. My last car would have cost double that!’ With that he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a key fob. “Here give it a hurl and see what you think”. I grabbed the fob before he had time to come to his senses and change his mind. I know what you’re thinking ‘Who would let someone drinking in their pub loose in their new car?’ I wasn’t drinking in there, I was working, hard to believe I know! Okay, I also know what else you’re thinking now “Who would let David loose in their new car?’ “It’s keyless start so just press the start button and you’re good to go” said Stephen. With that Ben, who was working with me, and I shot out the door and into the car park.

There was our prey, the sun glinting off the immaculate silver body, ‘I hope it’s still immaculate when I get back’ was my first thought. My second thought was ‘Where the hell is the door handle?’

©D Love

Where are the door handles??

Ben, the mind reader, said ‘The handle’s hidden under the back edge of the door’. He was correct, a quick pull on the handle and the door rose majestically, ‘Cool’. Next problem, how to get in? The seat was the same height as the very wide sill, I tried left leg first but that made my eyes water so it was, sit on the sill, push back, drop into the seat then pull my legs in. Not very elegant but at least I was in. I would like to see a leggy super model get in. Boy, would I like to see that! I pressed the Start button and a blue rev counter and speedometer appeared on the LCD screen behind the steering wheel, ‘Cool’. Just then my phone rang, it was Stephen, “ Have you got it started?” ‘I think so but I can’t hear anything!’ “Is the Start button glowing blue?” ‘Yes’ “Then it’s started, when you get on a decent bit of road push the gear lever to the left, that’s Sports mode and the engine and the electric motor work together” ‘Cool’ Continue reading

60 Seconds Wordsearch!

  • Festive, end of year rally at Croft.
  • FIA World RallyX champion 2014 (Surname).
  • P.O.T.Y. 2014 .
  • Which car manufacturer is rumored to be returning to the WRC in 2017?
  • M-Sport WRC driver who retired this year.
  • The surname of the above’s replacement.
  • Citroen’s ‘not-so-secret’ weapon for Monte Carlo
  • Name of Spadeadam M.C.’s targa rally for 2015.
  • Sebastian Vettel’s new team for 2015
  • Who’s factory UK has Paul Swift been tearing around, celebrating the 50 millionth car leaving the production line?
  • Guy Martin had a go at hill climbing on 2 wheels for his latest series, but where did have a go on 4 wheels first?



(I think they’re all in there…. Though I make no guarantees! )

My First 25 Years Of Rallying

By David Coleman

I thought I would put finger to keyboard and share some memories with you on my motorsport life so far…..

I started my love of Rallying in 1985 standing on my old school bridge that crossed Wigton rd in Carlisle and watching the last of the Gp.B cars heading from Carlisle into the lake district on the RAC rally.

After leaving school in 1988 I started my first job through my late dad at B&Q in Carlisle on an apprenticeship. One of my colleagues was a keen rally fan and took me under his wings telling me about the golden days of the sport and introduced me to Spadeadam MC and the meetings held at the sportsman in Laversdale.
My memory is a little shaded so some of the following may be slightly incorrect (20 years of painting cars seems to have broken the grey matter!).

I was introduced to marshalling through Spadeadam, on Moresby pits (Fellside stages?) where we had the clocks on the flying finish , Brett Mitton’s Chevette was one of the cars I remember to do well that day. We also did clocks at the Setmurthy stage which I think was part of the Lakeland stages, now the Malcolm Wilson rally where Dougie Watson-Clark was in his newly built Sierra Cosworth.

Jim Dent – Moresby Pit

We spectated at the Scottish rally later that year, a very hot dusty, midge bitten day that was worth it purely for the sound of the 3 door Sierra’s wastegates chattering through the forest, surely that sound should return to the BRC ! It was then I chose my rallying hero, and still to this day I have so much admiration for Jimmy McRae who after speaking to him briefly on 2 occasions seems so down to earth and friendly. Continue reading

Test On The Rest

By Eric Ritchie

Sometimes, life is just so difficult that it is hard to come to terms with the trauma and stress of it all………………….. !!!

Such was the weekend I spent on Scotland’s iconic hill climb the ‘Rest and be Thankful’. This fantastic stretch of road was first used as a hill climb in 1949, the year before I was born! In its time it has hosted drivers of the calibre of Sir Jackie Stewart and the late Jim Clark. Raymond Mays, the elder statesman of British Motor sport held the record for the fastest time over the 1.6km (1 mile) sprint course with a time of 68 seconds, and that was well over 40 years ago!

It is over four decades since the glen was last used competitively and the rally test day organised by John Parker and Brian Kinghorn, brought back a flood of memories to the many fans and spectators who gathered in the car park above the hairpin. This time, it would not just be the 1.6km hillclimb section that would be used, but the entire 4km from the bottom of Glen Croe to the traditional finish line above the hairpin. Continue reading

Autotest Round 3 – 8th of June 2014

By Barry Lindsay

The summer Grass tests were ran at Longpark in June. Despite rain on the Saturday afternoon it had dried enough to run on the Sunday afternoon. Ian Robinson & Michael Lindsay were the timekeepers for the afternoon while Caroline Lodge worked on the results. 12 tests were run with the final two being a head to head special test.

First test Barry Lindsay was quickest with 53sec only just ahead of Andrew Graham on 54sec then Landowner Joe Thomlinson on 56sec, visitor Jonny Crisp a junior from the North East brought his KA over and got 58sec. John Ross got off to a bad start getting a wrong test. On the rerun Barry got 54sec as conditions dug up a little, Andrew got 56sec along with Geoffrey Harkness. Jonny & Nigel Harkness got 57sec.

Andrew Graham

Continue reading

Regs Available

  • John Robson Navigation Rally  Nov 2nd 19.30 Start Based at Humshaugh
  • Solway Historic Rally October 20th. Organised by WMC
  • Copeland Canter October 19th Organised by WMC

Regs for the above events are available from Barry Lindsay

  • RAC Clubman event, 10th November. Based Newcastleton & Craik

From £7.56 per mile for forest!!! Regs available from RAC Website

A Short Guide To Rallying

Back in the late 70s Spadeadam MC produced a small booklet titled “A Short Guide To Rallying”.  This is now in the process of being revised and updated. It aims to give novices a basic grounding in event procedures and navigation types. It will be available to new & old members. It will also be included in the “Getting started in motorsport” section of the website.

All types of novice navigation used on Spadeadam 12 cars will be included.

If any organiser wishes to use a new type, it will be published in this newsletter, before the event, and then added to the website.

The original guide with Ian Robinson's hand drawn cover.

The original guide with Ian Robinson’s hand drawn cover.


Thursday 7th March

Skitby, Smithfield


The evenings entertainment will include a raffle, free buffet and the presentation of awards.

Dress code: Smart Casual

Award winners

Dan Haynes                                              Pete Johnson

Johnny Brass                                            Tom Wilcox

Caroline Jobson                                         David Love

Mark Taylor                                              Neil Varah

         Zach Varah                                               Jonathan Lodge

       John Ross                                                Ashley Thomson

   Rory Young                                              Allan Cathers

     Peter Taylor                                             Caroline Lodge

    Richard Thomson                                   Barry Lindsay

         Neil Thomlinson                                     Michael Lindsay


Another Opinion

By David Love

 As the winner of this year’s editors Award for Newsletter contributions I feel duty bound to submit some waffle for this months’ Newsletter.

I suppose I should feel honoured to win but amazed would be more accurate followed by relief.  Why relief? Well, when I saw in the February Newsletter that I was going to receive an award I was concerned it might be the Old Farts one but thankfully that went to a more deserving recipient, John Ross.  You might think that I won this award for my razor sharp wit and creative writing abilities, if that’s the case then you’ve never read any of my previous contributions.  You must remember that most of the time I don’t know what I’m talking about but that has never stopped me in the past so why should it now!

I’d like to comment on the Chairman’s Thoughts for March.  I’m sure George would like a response to his column, even if it were just to confirm somebody reads it.  I always read it first and was interested in his views on the BRC especially as I’m entering the disturbed nights’ sleep section of my involvement in helping to organise the Pirelli International Rally, our local round of the BRC.  The rallies that George mentioned did have great entries but not all rallies of that type are prospering with full entries, the Border Counties had way less entries than in previous years, the Bulldog’s National Rally which is normally well supported was down by about 20 entries.  So opening up the BRC to a less restricted range of cars won’t necessarily result in 100+ entries.  I was told that the organisers of the BRC tried to initiate a secondary championship for which WRC cars were eligible, but that didn’t get of the ground due to lack of interest.  I think that for several unfathomable reasons some rallies just appeal more than others.  Granted the cost of entering a BRC event doesn’t help but with the recent increase in forest charges no rally is cheap to enter.  I’m sure the organisers of the BRC don’t sit down and discuss ways of keeping the entry below 30.  It is the British Championship and also an International one so it should be different from other championships, it would be even better if it were well supported but if the competition is tight and the drivers are trying they will still be good to watch.  I wouldn’t call Barry Lindsay, in a small engine 2 wheel drive car, boring to watch, would you?

Finally, I have to correct George on “little interest in showing the BRC on TV’.  All rounds will get a one-hour report on Sky Sports the week after it runs.  The Pirelli will be shown on 6 occasions and will also be seen in Asia, USA & Europe.  The BRC might not have quantity but their reports have quality presentation and footage.  I found last years BRC reports a lot more watchable than the WRC ones.  I felt the WRC used too much in-car footage, which was boring, I prefer to see the cars from the outside, weaving on the straights and sliding round corners.

Well my head’s hurting now so I’m going to stop rambling.