Another Opinion

By David Love

 As the winner of this year’s editors Award for Newsletter contributions I feel duty bound to submit some waffle for this months’ Newsletter.

I suppose I should feel honoured to win but amazed would be more accurate followed by relief.  Why relief? Well, when I saw in the February Newsletter that I was going to receive an award I was concerned it might be the Old Farts one but thankfully that went to a more deserving recipient, John Ross.  You might think that I won this award for my razor sharp wit and creative writing abilities, if that’s the case then you’ve never read any of my previous contributions.  You must remember that most of the time I don’t know what I’m talking about but that has never stopped me in the past so why should it now!

I’d like to comment on the Chairman’s Thoughts for March.  I’m sure George would like a response to his column, even if it were just to confirm somebody reads it.  I always read it first and was interested in his views on the BRC especially as I’m entering the disturbed nights’ sleep section of my involvement in helping to organise the Pirelli International Rally, our local round of the BRC.  The rallies that George mentioned did have great entries but not all rallies of that type are prospering with full entries, the Border Counties had way less entries than in previous years, the Bulldog’s National Rally which is normally well supported was down by about 20 entries.  So opening up the BRC to a less restricted range of cars won’t necessarily result in 100+ entries.  I was told that the organisers of the BRC tried to initiate a secondary championship for which WRC cars were eligible, but that didn’t get of the ground due to lack of interest.  I think that for several unfathomable reasons some rallies just appeal more than others.  Granted the cost of entering a BRC event doesn’t help but with the recent increase in forest charges no rally is cheap to enter.  I’m sure the organisers of the BRC don’t sit down and discuss ways of keeping the entry below 30.  It is the British Championship and also an International one so it should be different from other championships, it would be even better if it were well supported but if the competition is tight and the drivers are trying they will still be good to watch.  I wouldn’t call Barry Lindsay, in a small engine 2 wheel drive car, boring to watch, would you?

Finally, I have to correct George on “little interest in showing the BRC on TV’.  All rounds will get a one-hour report on Sky Sports the week after it runs.  The Pirelli will be shown on 6 occasions and will also be seen in Asia, USA & Europe.  The BRC might not have quantity but their reports have quality presentation and footage.  I found last years BRC reports a lot more watchable than the WRC ones.  I felt the WRC used too much in-car footage, which was boring, I prefer to see the cars from the outside, weaving on the straights and sliding round corners.

Well my head’s hurting now so I’m going to stop rambling.