Foolsday Autotest

By Barry Lindsay

Sunday the 1st April saw the first autotest of the year at Longtown Auction mart thanks to Phil Jobson who managed to arrange the venue. Two tests were setup, one mainly on tar while the other all on compact gravel but due to the recent warm dry spell it was very dusty.

The first two cars had just started test 1&2 when an articulated cattle wagon arrived. So, some quick cone moving got him in, and the test able to run. The two cars got a re-run over the test which was a big gain for Nigel who had wrong tested, but got this run correct. Not sure what he’s going to do with a wagon load of sheep if he arranged it just to get out of the wrong test!!

Barry was quickest with 1m 09, Neil Varah next on 1m 13 then Todd on 1m17. On the re-run times were slower slightly due to some of the gravel getting scattered over the tarmac. Geoffrey was quickest with 1m 15 followed by Barry on 1m 20 then Nigel on 1m 21.

 Tests 3&4 were manned by Ian Robinson on the loose section used as a wagon park. Barry was quickest with 1m 18 and enjoyed the ball bearing like surface, next was Neil T in the same car on 1m 22 showing they had the suspension settings & tyre pressures correct for this surface! Geoffrey got 1m23. John  was the first wrong test of the day on this one. For the re-run Barry found it looser but still quickest with 1m 20, Neil T getting 1m 21 then Geoffrey 1m 24.

For the next four tests were on the same area’s but some quick cone moving and we were ready. Test 5&6 marshalled by Michael Lindsay & Caroline Lodge. Test 5 Geoffrey was quickest with 47 followed by newcomer to auto testing Richard Clark with 48sec in his 205. Barry & John both got 49. Simon Jobson wrong tested this one.

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Test 6 Geoffrey & Barry were equal on 44 sec then Nigel on 49sec the John & Richard on 50.

Test 7 was back on the gravel patch, another flowing and all forward test with plenty of sideways action! Barry got 56sec, Nigel got 1m00 followed by Neil V with 1m 05. Phil & Simon both wrong tested on this run.

Test 8 the re-run Geoffrey was fastest with 55 sec followed by Neil T on 59sec then John on 1m00. Todd wrong tested on this one

For the final two tests both sites were joined plus a bit more and a route had been designed to give a quick fast flowing test.

Geoffrey was quickest with 57 sec followed by John on 59 then Richard on 1m00 a test more suited to the 205.

On the re-run Nigel, Geoffrey and Richard all got 58sec then came John & Phil on 1m00.


1st Barry Lindsay 10m53

2nd Geoffrey Harkness 11m01

3rd Nigel Harkness 11m55

4th Richard Clark 12m11

5th John Ross 12m22

6th Neil Thomlinson 12m53

7th Todd Brown 13m 08

8th Neil Varah 13m 19

9th Phil Jobson 13m 37

10th Ben Thomson 14m 25

11th Simon Jobson 16m 08

12th Ashley Thomson 16m 30

Round Two Report Next Month.

Results  ( Longpark Grass Tests)

1st Barry Lindsay 13m 52 6th John Ross 14m 58

2nd Andrew Robinson 14m 22 7th Nigel Harkness 15m 23

3rd Richard Clark 14m 23 8th Phil Jobson 15m 41

4th Neil Thomlinson 14m 28 9th Todd Brown 15m 53

5th Geoffrey Harkness 14m 48 10th Neil Varah 16m 34

Championship Points after two rounds

Barry Lindsay 30,

Geoffrey Harkness 20,

Richard Clark 19,

Nigel Harkness 16,

John Ross & Neil Thomlinson15,

Andrew Robinson 12,

Todd Brown 10


(Images © B. Lindsay /  Spadeadam Motor Club 2012)