Blue Streak Targa Rally – August 2018

By Jonathan Fowler / Ben White – Mk2 Escort

I first met Ben about 9 years ago when I was in the early days with CarSpeed Autoparts. He worked on repairing vans and over the years we have got to know each other and have become good friends. Latterly he works as a Plant Machinery mechanic specializing in electrics and has become well known for his modified Mk6 Transit which now appears with Carspeed at the Cumbria Auto show.

Being cockily confident (and I owed him a favour after he looked after the stand at the show) I thought he would do well navigating on the Blue Streak Targa rally, so I asked him if he was interested. He jumped at the chance, saying, “No probs, ah can do that, eeezzzee!

Roll on August, entry in, accepted, time is passing, and I keep saying,

We need to have a bit of a run out and practise

No probs, it’ll be eeezzzeee” “My side, your side, eeezzzeee” is the reply. Continue reading

Thank You!

To everyone who helped out during the event by marshalling, I am really grateful to you. Without your help the event could not have happened and I’m of the same opinion as most competitors who expressed their thanks to the marshals and the friendliness of you all.


Results are available on should you wish to find out how the day went for the competitors.



Chief Marshal

The Blue Streak Targa 2016

By Nic Fowler

On the warm up to this event dad and I did a couple of autotests at Longpark and Pirelli car park. I enjoyed the driving and even managed to set one or two good times. By the time we arrived at this event, I started to get the idea of how to read the map, although I wasn’t sure about the timing and the time cards but dad said “don’t worry it be reet”
After scruitneering at C&C Barnett, Townfoot we went to signing on where I actually had to sign my life away!!

Helen and team gave me a folder loaded full of paper which we took back to the car and started to look through. With hindsight I should have made my notes clearer. Continue reading

Chairman’s Thoughts – Blue Streak Targa Thanks.

By George Rutherford,

Hi folks,

There really is only one main subject this month and that is the Blue Streak Targa. From an idea brought by filming last year’s Doonhamer to this month’s event all seems surreal but it happened and was a great success.   I had forgotten quite what a lot of work goes into a bigger event so here goes with some thanks.

©Spadeadam MC

Firstly all the Landowners who gave us some great tests together with Brampton Town Council for a great start venue. Jon Stynes Design for their sponsorship I didn’t really appreciate the great variety of work they are more than capable of and I would urge all members to avail themselves of their services – asking costs nothing and I know they would be pleased to help.

Then we have the Officials: Ian Robinson Clark of the Course designed a terrific route, road and test books to the highest standard and arranged most of the tests and basically spent the week prior to the event working fine tuning everything to the most professional standard.

Barry Lindsay the Chief Marshall put everything into organising sufficient marshals for the tests and without all the marshals the event couldn’t run and we will be eternally grateful to them for turning out and it was great to see that most seem to enjoy their day’s sport.   Barry’s reward was the pleasure of running opening car and set some very competitive times

Mark Taylor with help from Richard Thomson did a fine job with results

Helen Gibbon and myself attended to the administration side of the event with Helen doing a great job at signing on and helping with the layout of the programme and signing on packs.   A large amount of my work falls after the event dealing with returns to the

MSA and Reis, email results etc and paying some of the urgent bills the remainder falls on our treasurer, Eric Ritchie, who unfortunately was away on holiday but sorted out the Howard Arms as our HQ.

Finally a big thanks to all our test sponsors who featured in our programme and to Jim McDowell our Scrutineer!

The weather was very kind to us and the great variety of cars competing made for some great nostalgia for me personally the little blue Imp featured on the cover was the car of the event having had the first one registered in Carlisle back in 63 it brought back great memories of how wondrous they were.

Hope I haven’t forgotten to thank anyone?!