Spadeadam Motor Club’s Treasure Hunt, 2013

By Martyn Petry

(Aged 11)

The night had arrived for the Spadeadam’s treasure hunt 2013, with coming second place last year and my brother Graham and Uncle (Barry Lindsay) winning, I was eager to go one step better and win this time.

I teamed up with My Mam (Yvonne Petry) and my Granddad (Mike Lindsay). Granddad was driving so I knew we had a good chance of winning. Graham was with Gran and Geoffrey Harkness, so competition was good, there was quite a few cars out to compete.

Start was at Rickerby Park, through Linstock with clues all the way then onto Crosby and Newby no clues were allowed on Main roads, then onto the Airport these were hard clues and all the Lindsay family  should all have known them but they took some finding at least we know now!! Onto Irthington then scaleby eventually meeting back with all other competitors at Skitby.

It was a fun night driving around different places, looking for clues and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

At Skitby we had to wait until Uncle Barry had counted the results this was a nerve wracking time !! I thought we had done ok but we did have a few blanks that we couldn’t find or my Mam had just put silly answers in!!

The results were finally ready to be told so Uncle Barry started in reverse order

7th   Clive & Charlotte Alcock                                                             26 Clues

6th   Neil Henderson                                                                            28 Clues

5th   Caroline Lodge & Trudy                                                             29 Clues

4th   Nigel Harkness & Helen Gibbon                                               37 Clues

3rd  John & Christine Ross                                                                  39 Clues

2nd   Geoffrey Harkness, Kay Lindsay & Graham Petry             40 Clues

1st   Michael Lindsay, Yvonne & Martyn Petry                              42 Clues

In first place it was US!  Wow, we had won I was chuffed we had a staggering 42 points!  Only problem next year we have to set it up I’m dreading that !!! May need Uncle Barry’s help.

Treasure Hunt (7th of June 2012)

By Barry Lindsay

This year’s event started from Surrone House, Hotel in Gretna run by our organisers and last year’s winners John & Christine Ross. Nine crews turned out on another wet summers night. (Must be a record… nine crews not a wet summer’s night!) Crews headed off at there own pace with 49 questions to answer and no time limit (other than darkness)

Out of Gretna passed the Gretna Green anvil and the Courtship Maze then past Corries Mill then into Longtown for the hairdressers for the gossip. Round by Netherby, Easton, Blackrigg then back to the finish at Skitby via Broomhills little red tractor.

 With my nephews on school holiday they were permitted to do their first SMC treasure hunt… It may not be their main aim in life but let’s say they are as driven to win as I am!! There’s no place for second.. Up to the night they were both going together with Geoffrey & Yvonne. But then Graham decided his Grandad & Uncle might be a better option. Now we had a problem…. That’s when it got serious as we left Gretna. Things were going well (or we thought) have answers in all of the boxes. However leaving Blackrigg there was two clues and we got neither.

 Graham & Martyn had both been out of the cars looking, even pretending to find it. Some people even phoning home for their Roman numerals or to find out how old Caroline was!! However even Caroline got this one wrong, she is a lot older than she says she is!!!

 Thanks to John & Christine for a well thought out devious treasure hunt, great fun.


1st    Michael & Barry Lindsay & Graham Petry           40pts

2nd   Geoffrey Harkness, Yvonne & Martyn Petry       38.5pts

3rd    Bob Harrison & Family                                           37pts

4th    Neil Thomlinson & Paul Scott                               34.5pts

5th    Chris & Sue Titley                                                    31pts

6th    Dave Love & Mark Taylor                                     29pts

7th    Neil & Zach Varah                                                 28.5pts

8th    Joe, Heather & Sharon Thomlinson                  27.5pts

9th     Caroline & Jonathan Lodge                                25pts

Treasure Hunt (3rd of June 2010)

By Ian Robinson

June club night saw the clubs annual event, a short route with only 20 questions however this still proved for some a bit of a trial generating a few tribulations. The act of traveling the route twice in the allotted time allowance for some did little to improve ones results.

Six intrepid crews gathered at Laversdale for the 7-30 start or it may be said at the moment kick-off! (Bloomin’ football, I am sick of hearing about it, 100k a week, can’t dribble, head, or cross. I have seen better efforts on the local playing fields, send them all home!) Visiting Scaleby, Smithfield, Kirklinton, Hethersgill and three horse shoes en-route within the two hours allowed was the makings of a leisurely evenings drive. Continue reading