Treasure Hunt (3rd of June 2010)

By Ian Robinson

June club night saw the clubs annual event, a short route with only 20 questions however this still proved for some a bit of a trial generating a few tribulations. The act of traveling the route twice in the allotted time allowance for some did little to improve ones results.

Six intrepid crews gathered at Laversdale for the 7-30 start or it may be said at the moment kick-off! (Bloomin’ football, I am sick of hearing about it, 100k a week, can’t dribble, head, or cross. I have seen better efforts on the local playing fields, send them all home!) Visiting Scaleby, Smithfield, Kirklinton, Hethersgill and three horse shoes en-route within the two hours allowed was the makings of a leisurely evenings drive.

The clues, formed in rhymes, more to help than hinder, distracted from the devil that lurked in the wording, placing the emphasis on the co-driver to read them with great care. Failure to do so generates mistakes with the eventual building of tensions erupting into squabbles “ Treasure Hunts –AKA- A test of any relationship”

However in the fullness of time crews assembled at the finish, fraught brows giving way to expressions of congeniality, team Rossy rallying (were lifted off last place when Richard, Laura and bump(!) carded their effort. Forth was grabbed by Bob & Fiona, a bad spell between Smithfield & Kirklinton costing vital points. Third fell into the grasp of Dave & Mark, dropping four of the first six clues there downfall. Second was Geoffrey & Mike again an impetuous start proved costly. Top honors therefore went to Barry & Caroline not the full house of answers one has grown to expect but good enough, well done to all.


1st Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge 75 Points

2nd Geoffrey Harkness & Michael Lindsay 60 Points

3rd David Love & Mark Taylor 57 Points

4th Robert & Fiona Harrison 51 Points

5th John & Christine Ross 45 Points

6th Richard & Laura Thomson 33 Points