The Countdown Rally 2010

Please Note: This event has been Cancelled.

Thanks to all those who volunteered to marshall. Hope to see you next year.

Event Regs are now available for the 2010 Countdown Navigational Rally.


Put the date of the 4th/5th of September 2010 in your diaries!

Marshals are wanted for the event – if you think you can help please contact

Barry Lindsay.

Photos from the 2009 event can be found HERE

**** The Countdown Navigational Rally, incorporating The Rocket Historic Road Rally & The LaunchPad 12 Car Rally. ****

Treasure Hunt (3rd of June 2010)

By Ian Robinson

June club night saw the clubs annual event, a short route with only 20 questions however this still proved for some a bit of a trial generating a few tribulations. The act of traveling the route twice in the allotted time allowance for some did little to improve ones results.

Six intrepid crews gathered at Laversdale for the 7-30 start or it may be said at the moment kick-off! (Bloomin’ football, I am sick of hearing about it, 100k a week, can’t dribble, head, or cross. I have seen better efforts on the local playing fields, send them all home!) Visiting Scaleby, Smithfield, Kirklinton, Hethersgill and three horse shoes en-route within the two hours allowed was the makings of a leisurely evenings drive. Continue reading