Jim Clark 2010

By Tim Finch

After Chris deciding to crash not once but twice on the Granite City rally first time out in his new Evo 6, we took delivery of the car on the Sunday evening before the Jim Clark!! Not ideal but his choice of cheap (but very slow) Bodyshop helped save him a tenner!!!

So with 6 days to go we had a miracle to perform, I wont list the job list here as it would make for the clubs longest ever newsletter!! but you get the picture. Changing from gravel spec into tarmac spec alone would have been tight regardless of the half stripped car we had to virtually rebuild and with a busy week with other work anyway we were up against it. So it was a hectic week getting the car ready and by the Saturday lunch time we had a mint ready to go rally car, quick trip up to Keith Taylors caravan site at Jedburgh saw us finally relax in the pub, our driver though left Italy as we left Carlisle!!!

We traveled 48 miles, he flew from Italy to Heathrow then into Glasgow where Roy the Co- driver picked him up around 8pm! with this in mind we elected for a Sunday morning scrutineering slot, with threats of fines being made if late for scruitiny we decided that was the best option.

So scrutineering at 7.30am and once everybody was happy I told Chris to crash straight into the school wall next to us to save us some time, Cheif Scruitineer Willie Gregg commented that I was being a little harsh, but not to worry. Out onto the stages he went, then on stage 2 Chris did not appear on the results, a phone call some time later from Roy confirmed they had retired with a cracked windscreen, it was cracked because at one point it was the only thing in touch with Terra firma!!!

So we now have a very bent and rippled car to rebuild once again for the Speyside. Maybe this time Chris will back off slightly but I doubt that!!