The Countdown Rally 2010

Please Note: This event has been Cancelled.

Thanks to all those who volunteered to marshall. Hope to see you next year.

Event Regs are now available for the 2010 Countdown Navigational Rally.


Put the date of the 4th/5th of September 2010 in your diaries!

Marshals are wanted for the event – if you think you can help please contact

Barry Lindsay.

Photos from the 2009 event can be found HERE

**** The Countdown Navigational Rally, incorporating The Rocket Historic Road Rally & The LaunchPad 12 Car Rally. ****

Jim Clark 2010

By Tim Finch

After Chris deciding to crash not once but twice on the Granite City rally first time out in his new Evo 6, we took delivery of the car on the Sunday evening before the Jim Clark!! Not ideal but his choice of cheap (but very slow) Bodyshop helped save him a tenner!!!

So with 6 days to go we had a miracle to perform, I wont list the job list here as it would make for the clubs longest ever newsletter!! but you get the picture. Changing from gravel spec into tarmac spec alone would have been tight regardless of the half stripped car we had to virtually rebuild and with a busy week with other work anyway we were up against it. So it was a hectic week getting the car ready and by the Saturday lunch time we had a mint ready to go rally car, quick trip up to Keith Taylors caravan site at Jedburgh saw us finally relax in the pub, our driver though left Italy as we left Carlisle!!! Continue reading

Jim Clark Reivers 2010: Car 82

By Fiona Gourlay

I was looking forward to this event with it being in my home town. When we went to scrutineering it was a cool Saturday afternoon, the cut out switch didn’t work – that was a bad start. The readers who know the car will recognise it by the mirrored window in the back and rear, we were told new legislation from the MSA say’s you must be able to see in and out of the all windows – scrutineer said “take this coating of before you start”. However we were allowed to leave it for this event as we said the car would look bad but it must be off for next event. The cut out fixed and checked we then went to get tracking system fitted – two and a half hours later we got home for tea. When car was started next time the oil light and other things happened with electrics in the car. David reckoned it was tracking system we had fitters look at it in morning and there was still a few issues with it beeping on an off (some competitors had problems with there peltor intercoms) – not good at 100mph when you don’t know what was is happening. We disconnected it at the start of stage 4 and no one looked for us so guess it hadn’t worked from the start!

Got up at 6.30 on Sunday and the rain was stotting, David said this had started at 4.30 I didn’t hear it as I was asleep. We went over the start line at 9.40 at no 82 with 15 miles to travel into the hills for the start of stage. Continue reading

Carlisle Motor Factors Autotest 2010

The first autotest of the year was run on Tim Finch’s fields beside his house. This came about due to having to cancel the autotest at Longpark when the weather was still wet.

With two different test routes set up in two different fields it was a perfect venue. The ground had a slight slope away from the start / finish, the grass was still wet from the overnight rain which would hamper the early runners.

Days before the test the club acquired the second car for members to use / hire. The Diahatsu Charade was a good runner after a bit of work with Bits bought off Carlisle Motor Factors.

Test 1 Geoffrey was quickest with 1m 44, followed by Tim on 1m 48 then Peter on 1m 49, then Neil & Sarah T on 1m 51.

Test 2 was a re-run with some of the grass rolled down times were quicker. Neil was quickest with 1m 37, Sarah, Geoffrey, Barry & Peter all got 1m 39.

Test 3 In the other field and marshalled by Caroline. This test involved forward and reverse. Sarah was fastest with 1m 07 followed by Rob on 1m 09 the Emily on 1m 10 then Barry & Neil on 1m 14.

Test 4 was a re-run, proving that women are the fastest at reversing Sarah went fastest again with 1m 05 equal with Geoffrey. Emily also showed it was no flook with 1m 07 then John and Tim on 1m 10. Continue reading

Spadeadam Motor Club Pathfinders 2010

By Caroline Lodge

May’s club night saw six crews setting out on the 2010 Pathfinders event. Each crew had a list of grid squares to plot and a clue to solve for each square. Crews could take any route they liked, but had a time limit to keep within and needed to try and keep their mileage as low as possible.

The answers to the clues ranged from house names, to engravings on walls, from signs and posters to members surnames.

The organiser’s route took the Longtown road out past Laversdale turn and then took the right up towards Prior Rigg, then across and down through Boltonfellend, taking in three of the fifteen squares on the way.

Then turned left at Hethersgill before dropping down to Walton. Nobody saw the engraving on the tree (it was there the night before) and one crew did try unsuccessfully to cover their tracks after trampling down some nettles at Walton Mill Bridge.

Lanercost New Bridge was the next location before crossing the A69, passing Milton Rigg Woods, on to Kirkhouse and doing a loop around Forest Head, where if you’re not careful you could be in danger of listened to or blown up. Back down through Talkin crossing the Brampton- Castle Carrock road, and to the viaduct at Gelt Woods. If the crews had taken the time to site here for a rest they would have found another answer. Continue reading