60 Seconds Wordsearch!

  • Festive, end of year rally at Croft.
  • FIA World RallyX champion 2014 (Surname).
  • P.O.T.Y. 2014 .
  • Which car manufacturer is rumored to be returning to the WRC in 2017?
  • M-Sport WRC driver who retired this year.
  • The surname of the above’s replacement.
  • Citroen’s ‘not-so-secret’ weapon for Monte Carlo
  • Name of Spadeadam M.C.’s targa rally for 2015.
  • Sebastian Vettel’s new team for 2015
  • Who’s factory UK has Paul Swift been tearing around, celebrating the 50 millionth car leaving the production line?
  • Guy Martin had a go at hill climbing on 2 wheels for his latest series, but where did have a go on 4 wheels first?



(I think they’re all in there…. Though I make no guarantees! )