November 12 Car (Mk I)

By John Ross

For those who want to know where they should have gone MC1-TC1 was via a Tulip section without the balls Took crews out of Gretna and over the Border towards Longtown a quick left toward Solway Moss and back into Scotland to the first NAM in a lay-by just passed the railway bridge but before the roundabout, the left up the hill to the second marker on the roundabout at the top followed by a quick right into Springfield and immediately left and on toTC1 at the entry to Quintonshill white where there was an enormous amount of standing water down its full length.

TC1-2 was gridline with a lot of back and forward over the same lines. Back into Gretna Green and round by the Flosh over the A75 and down the yellows back to the edge of Gretna. Those on the right route had by now covered over 8 miles but were still less than 1/2 mile from where they started now was the time to move out into the country. A quick blast via Rigg and on to Kirkpatrick Fleming.TC2-3 involved a herring bone passed Bruce’s Cave to Blackyett the southwest to Broats along the B road to Stapleton crossroads to the control close to Stapleton Tower. 3-4 was a simple section of map symbols and spot heights taking crews round a 2 mile square to TC4 just off the old A74 by Robgill Tower. 4-5 via  a series of Spot Heights was to take the rally right the way round the Springkell Estate via Eaglesfield and Waterbeck to TC5 near Howgillside. 5-6 appears to have been the section that caught most crews out. The instructions said to cross seven times and touch once the National Grid (the main power lines which transport electricity above our heads) a simple black line with a V attached every centimeter all across the map. This took crews to Chapelknowe then SE to Corriesmill then north again to Milltown SW along the B road before turning north to Cadgillhead south through the twisty Cadgillburn before sweeping NW to Kennedys Corner and on to George braving it out on top of a windswept hill st High Stenries. From here it was again NE passed Barnsgillhead and round the triangular forest at the top of the map to a NAM with no board (my fault, ran out of time) then down to the A7 at the Hollows, North up the A7 and back south on the yellow that runs parallel, east to Claygate and on the Prioryhill and Canonbie and north up the yellow towards The Hollows again the back south on the A7 to Canonbie then west along the B road to Evertown and a final run into TC7 through Glenzierfoot and back to the Robin Hood at Smithfield for the final results.

I hope those of you who took part enjoyed themselves the total mileage was just over 70miles and at no point were you ever more that 9 miles from where you started. It has been more than 25 years since I last put on a 12 Car and I had forgotten the difficulties and yet the great enjoyment there is an putting on such an event. I still have things to learn, I never had to deal with Route Liason Officers last time I was organiser but they are there to help us, I made things more difficult for myself be deciding to run north of the border, but it gave those who did compete a new challenge as few had ever driven those roads. Let alone on a rally.

As an organiser it was heartening to see 7 crews turn up, it would have been nicer to see 12. I tried to make the navigation simple enough for all without having novice and expert route cards. It can be done, even the experts thoroughly enjoyed the plotting hopefully more simple navigation will in time lead to more people having a go, and lets face it motorsport in general needs more people starting at the grassroots to perpetuate itself.

Results are as follows:

1 Tony Harrison/ Paul Allen                          1 Fail  5 Min

2 Barry Thomson/Jerry Hettrick                 2 Fail 21 Min

3 Alan & Robert Blake                                     3 Fail 13 Min

4 Barry Lindsay/Neil Thomlinson                5 Fail 13 Min

5 Keith Taylor/Caroline Lodge                      6 Fail 24 Min

Non Finishers

Dave Love/Phil Jobson                                   OTL at TC6

Andy Westgarth/Mike Saunders before      OTL at TC5