Rally Results (June 2016)

Dmack Stages – Peter Taylor & Andrew Roughead 2nd OA 2nd in class. Rory Young & Allan Cathers 13th OA 9th in class, Phil & Caroline Jobson 33rd OA 3rd in class. Mark & Amanda Talbot 70th OA 5th in class.

Severn ValleyPhil Jobson & Arwel Jenkins retired with gearbox problems.

Mini Epynt –  Phil Jobson & Arwel Jenkins finished 23rd OA 5th in class

Weeton –  Tim Finch finished 4th OA 4th in class in his Subaru



Rally Results (May 2016)

Pirelli Historic / 2wdPhil Jobson & Arwell Jenkins took 14th OA 3rd in class in the Mk1 Escort. Mark & Amanda Talbot were 41st OA 1st in the upto 1400 class. Rob Graham & Helen Harkness were 46th OA 2nd in class despite an off.

Pirelli ClubmanDarren Martin & Martin Steele took the win in this section for the second year.

Pirelli BRCFredrik Ahlin & Morton Abrahamsen won the event in the CA1 Fiesta R5. Elfyn Evans & Craig Parry finished 3rd overall in the Dmack Fiesta R5, Max Vatanen & Jacques Renucci finished 10th in the Dmack Fiesta R5

Rally Results (April 2016)

DCC Stages, Ingliston. Nigel & Helen Harkness finished 38th Overall (12th in class), Barrie Thomson / Jerry Hettrick failed to Finish due to a concern over oil pressure.

Rally North Wales was round 2 of the British Historic Championship Phil Jobson finished 20th Overall (3rd in class).

Circuit of Ireland – The three Spadeadam teams in the BRC all had a bad weekend. Elfin / Craig had the speed and set quite a few fastest stage times but a snapped Aux belt put them out of the event. Fredrik / Morton adapted to tarmac quickly and were leading the BRC event but a couple of little offs led to a bigger one on SS10 and had to retire. Max / Jacques retired on stage 7 with mechanical problems also.

Rally Results – (February / March 2016)

RiponianBarry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge finished the day 14th Overall and winning the 1600 class. Mark & Amanda Talbot finished there 2nd rally 2nd in the 1400 class, 44th Overall.

Mid Wales – British Rally championship returns. SMC members Elfyn Evans & Craig Parry won the event getting a max in our system. Fredrik Ahlin & Morton Abrahamsen finished 2nd O/A 92nd in class), Max Vatanen / Jacques Renucci were 17th O/A (12th in class)

Malcolm WilsonRory Young & Allan Cathers took the R5 Fiesta to 7th O/A (5th in class), Phil & Caroline Jobson took the Mk1 Escort to 38th O/A (8th in class), Caroline Lodge navigated Jimmy Hall to 44th O/A (3rd in class), Barry & Michael Lindsay finished 46th O/A (4th in class), James Coxon navigated Mark Shaw in the Sunbeam to 54th O/A (7th in class), Rob Graham & Helen Harkness finished 63rd O/A (3rd in Class)

Border CountiesJohn McIlwraith had his first outing of the year finishing 31st Overall and winning his class.

Lee Holland StagesCaroline Lodge Navigated Tyrone Lawton to 27th O/A (3rd in class).

Rally Results (January / February 2016)

Rally Results this month (January /February)

 Jack Frost Barry & Michael Lindsay finished 12th OA (7th in  class)  in the Evo. Geoffrey Harkness & Jonathan Lodge were 39th OA  (6th  in class), Nigel & Helen Harkness were 43rd Overall (8th in class), Tim Finch was 52nd Overall (12th in class), Mark & Amanda Talbot were 64th Overall (7th in class), Kieron & Jon Stynes were 67th Overall (16th in class)

North  West  Phil Jobson got the furthest but Retired with an oil   leak from the engine and pulled out rather than risk further damage. Barrie Thomson & Jerry Hettrrick retired when the fan belt came off. Tim Finch retired the Subaru just after the start of the event with a clutch problem.

Red Kite Phil Jobson finished 21st Overall in the first round of the BHRC (3rd in class)


Rally Results this month (December 2015).

Christmas StagesBarry & Michael Lindsay finished 18th OA and winning the class. Tim Finch finished 20th OA 7th in class in the JDM Motorsport Evo. Geoffrey Harkness & Caroline Lodge were 32nd OA 7th in class. Just behind were Michael Lawson & Nick Young in the Sierra in 33rd (6th in class). Nigel & Helen Harkness were 43rd (11th in class) Brian Hodgson navigated David Miller to 61st OA (16th in class) in the Mk1 Escort.




Rally Results this month (November 2015)

Rally WalesCarl & Rob Tuer took there rebuild MG Zr, but Retired on day 2

Galloway HillsRory Young & Allan Cathers finished 10th OA (3rd in class) in the Evo.

Grizedale Stages Peter Taylor was back in the Focus after a few months away from rallying, and finished 4th Overall, (4th in class), Stuart Egglestone & Brian Hodgson finished 13th OA (1st in class) in the Astra. Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge finished 17th Overall (1st in class), Darren Martin & Martin Steele were 26th Overall (17th in class) & James Coxon navigated Mark Shaw to 34th Overall (3rd in class)

Rally Results (August & September 2015)

PendragonGeoffrey Harkness & Caroline Lodge finished 20th OA (4th in class), Jon & Kieron Stynes were 25th OA (4th in class), Barry & Michael Lindsay 32nd OA (8th in class). Barrie Thomson & Jerry Hettrick retired on SS1 with a broken driveshaft. Pete Johnson navigating for Peter Ellerby also had driveshaft problems and retired after SS6. James Coxon navigating for Craig Johns also retired after SS6.

HamsterleyJohn McIlwraith finished 10th OA (1st in class), Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge were 12th OA (1st in class)


Rally Results (July 2015)

Greystoke StagesDarren Martin / Martin Steele took the Evo to 7th OA (5th in class), Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge took the class win in 12th OA. Phil Jobson / Jerry Hettrick were 21st OA (9th in class), Rob Graham / Helen Gibbon were 32nd OA (6th in class). Mike Martin / Kyle Gass were 37th (12th in class), Clive Alcock / Katy Mashiter 42nd (9th in class)

Harry FlattersPhil Jobson finished 19th Overall, 4th in class.

Tyneside StagesBarry & Michael Lindsay adapted back to the 106 claiming 10th OA (1st Class – 1st 2wd). Geoffrey Harkness / Caroline Lodge were 40th (5th in class). Andy Westgarth took the Skoda to 51st (8th in class) ahead of Nigel Harkness / Helen Gibbon in 55th (8th in class)

Rally Results (June 2015)

Dmack Carlisle StagesPeter Taylor finished 2nd OA (2nd in class), Darren Martin / Martin Steele finished 37th OA (10th in class), Barry & Michael Lindsay finished 40th OA (2nd in class), Phil & Caroline Jobson finished 44th OA (2nd in class), James Coxon finished 56th OA (4th in class) Rob Graham / Helen Gibbon finished 67th OA (4th in class), Mike Martin / Kyle Gass finished 89th OA (15th in class). Rory Young & Allan Cathers retired after stage 4.

BSSMC Kieth Frecker WeetonBarrie Thomson / Jerry Hettrick were 8th OA (3rd in class). Tim Finch was 10th OA (4th in class).

Scottish RallyRory Young & Allan Cathers in the R5+ Fiesta finished 3rd OA (2nd in class), John McIlwraith finished 34th OA (1st in class) in the Mk2 Escort