Rally Results (January / February 2016)

Rally Results this month (January /February)

 Jack Frost Barry & Michael Lindsay finished 12th OA (7th in  class)  in the Evo. Geoffrey Harkness & Jonathan Lodge were 39th OA  (6th  in class), Nigel & Helen Harkness were 43rd Overall (8th in class), Tim Finch was 52nd Overall (12th in class), Mark & Amanda Talbot were 64th Overall (7th in class), Kieron & Jon Stynes were 67th Overall (16th in class)

North  West  Phil Jobson got the furthest but Retired with an oil   leak from the engine and pulled out rather than risk further damage. Barrie Thomson & Jerry Hettrrick retired when the fan belt came off. Tim Finch retired the Subaru just after the start of the event with a clutch problem.

Red Kite Phil Jobson finished 21st Overall in the first round of the BHRC (3rd in class)