Rally Results (March – April 2016)

North West Stages
Tim Finch brought the Subaru home 25th OA (16th in class)
Darren Martin & Martin Steele retired after the first leg when the gearbox mounting broke and damaged the gearbox case. Jamie Martin & Kyle Gass almost made it round the tough event to retire with rear diff failure on Stage 17.

Malcolm Wilson
Rory Young & Allan Cathers brought the R5 Fiesta home 11th OA 10th in class. Darren Martin & Pete Johnson were 48th OA (11th in class) in the Evo. Phil Jobson & Chris Sheradon were 54th (4th in class). Mark Shaw & James Coxon were 65th OA (6th in class) in the Sunbeam. Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge retired just into SS1 when gearbox mounting sheared taking out driveshaft and radiator. Rob Graham & Helen Harkness retired on the steep climb between arrival & start, due to lack of oil pressure.

Roskirk Stages
William Thomson navigated Tom Pearson to 20th O/A (9th in Class) on their return to competing.
Barrie Thomson & Jerry Hettrick  retired the Clio.

North Wales
Phil Jobson & Arwell Jenkins finished 7th Overall in the British Historic Championship event. 2nd in Class.

DCC Ingliston
Nigel & Helen Harkness were  34th OA (6th in class) in the Corsa.