Riponian 2017

By Barry Lindsay

The second round of the SG Petch ANECCC Championship saw crew tackle the Riponian Stages in the Yorkshire Forests.

A change of route this year saw the event based at Helmsley with service at Malton then finish at Thirsk. An early morning start (still night really) as Barry & Caroline headed over the Pennines with the 206 in tow. After scrutineering the service team arrived and loaded the ‘chase’ car. Jonathan and Kenton were on emergency repairs while Geoffrey & Michael would be at main service then to the finish.

With the event underway a short road section to Roppa for the 5.2mile stage. A wet muddy stage saw the 206 warn Barry early in the stage that grip was low. A time of 5m 49 but rivals times wouldn’t be found out till service. A management service followed to torque the wheels and adjust the tyre pressures ready for the 9.5mile Cropton. Again a muddy stage in places but felt good, and straight into the 4mile Gale Rigg. A couple of places in the notes they altered the notes to slow them more on the second run. A right 7 tightens into right 9 was one example of how to scrub off speed sideways to the spectators!

Arriving at service the results hand out showed a one second class lead to the R2 Fiesta of a BRC crew and 3 seconds to third place Ben Cree.

A quick check discovered the exhaust had taken a bashing and the back wheel bearings needed a re-torque. With that sorted Barry & Caroline opted to put new tyres on the front with the class being so close. Back on the road it was a re-run of Cropton. The Carspeed Parts 206 went 14 seconds quicker over the 9.5mile. Straight into the re-run of Gale Rigg 7 seconds quicker despite entering the Right 7 – Right 9 a lot slower this time!

A management service the on to Roppa which was run in the opposite direction. 20 seconds quicker but did include a high speed edge of ditch moment which saw a “Get it back on the road then!” added in the notes. As if that hadn’t crossed my mind already!

Back to Thirsk to see the results and they had taken time out of the class competitors and thought the class was won, but then Barry Jordan ended up being put into there class after he had fitted a sequential gearbox to the historic Avenger. So 2nd in class it was.

The result however see’s Barry head the SG Petch ANECCC Championship after 2 rounds. Malcolm Wilson rally will be round 3 when the 206 will be on home soil and stages the crew will push harder on!