Rally Results (December 2018)

Grizedale- James Coxon navigated Mark Shaw to 14th OA 1st in class in their Talbot Sunbeam. Barry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge were 16th OA 2nd in class in the Peugeot 206. Rob Graham & Helen Harkness were 33rd OA 4th in class in the Mk1 Escort. Phil Jobson retired with gearbox problems in SS1.  Darren Martin & Pete Johnson retired on SS4.

Xmas StagesBarry Lindsay & Caroline Lodge finished 10th Overall (2nd in class) in the Peugeot 106. Barrie Thomson / Jerry Hettrick finished 20th Overall (12th in class) in an Evo. Nigel & Helen Harkness Retired on stage 3 with a blown engine. Darren Martin & Martin Steele also retired on the same stage with mechanical issues.