April 12 Car

By Barry Lindsay

With interest shown at last moment the April 12 car was quickly arranged and John Ross’s event that he had planned for March (cancelled due to lack of entrys). With eight crews entering, the event promised to be a good night. But, with various crews not turning up to the event. Even delaying the start to see if any others turned up, but, started with only four crews.

John had a run-out from his start at Surrone House to the TC at Metal bridge crossing. The route then went round Rockcliffe cross then to the control at Todhills. It then went round Justicetown, down to Blackford and up to Westlinton for another TC. Looping round the Fauld, then down to Alstonby round to the Knells to a TC near Houghton House.  The evening went well to this point but from here I haven’t a clue where we went!! It went via Harker then Crindledyke (after we wrong slotted to Asda) and then joined the new City bypass for three NAM roundabouts near Cargo but after we had been round seven roundabouts in all directions visiting Asda again and with no control location we were about to give up. The control was eventually found then the next two sections passed by to the MTC at the south end of the Bypass.  With the finish back at Smithfield where the results were announced (We went past Asda!!).

Thanks to Neil for navigating and all bar the one section it went well.

Thanks also to John Ross for organising, Christine Ross, Ian Robinson, Geoffrey Harkness, Caroline Lodge & Michael Lindsay for marshalling.


1st 1st Exp Dan Haynes / Pete Johnson

2nd 2nd Exp Barry Lindsay / Neil Thomlinson

3rd 1st Nov Neil Varah / Todd Brown

Retired Tom Wilcox / James Griffin