March 12 Car Report

By Neil Thomlinson

After missing February’s 12 car I was out competing with Barry on the March 12 car organised by Jerry. Looking at the details for it and it was on maps 85, 86 and 90, 3 maps?! Surely a trick where only 2 where used, plotted the start reference of 85/431.5 412 I realised this was right in the corner of map 85 which to the east went onto map 86 and to the south went onto map 90, this event was surely to switch between the 3 maps throughout the night, we were in for a treat!

With the night getting colder and the fog getting thicker, it was setting up to be a challenging night, with 7 crews at the start waiting for first car to be away at 8.01pm. Off we go, the route went from the start layby straight off map 85 on to map 90 to Hutton End where it took a slot right which brought us to the first time control, then a T-junction turn right which took us back up onto map 85.

Worryingly up to this point and being first into the time control we still had seen no code-boards… but onwards we went with this being in the back of our mind.

The route then went to Ivegill via Low Braithwaite and a loop around Middlescough, Northbrook, Highbridge with 2 NAM’s which meant code boards, and heading back towards Southwaite to the 2nd time control, turning right and going alongside the motorway, then underneath it just on the crossover between maps 85 and 86, a small loop, back under the motorway and back onto map 85, taking the slot left before a T-junction we were then heading for map 90, going off map 85 right in the corner.

Back on map 90 it then took the first slot right going onto map 86 then immediately back onto map 90 where we were to stay for a while. Via Unthank to the third time control the route then went via Skelton Wood End and turning right just before Millhouse to bypass the village and stay the right side of the river, then Via Newlands and back onto map 85 where the rest of the route would stay.

We then went via Sour Nook, Churchtown, through a loop with a time control to Sebergham, to Grassgarth, Nether Welton, heading towards Dalston we took the 2nd slot right towards Raughton Head, a loop with a NAM to come back up into Raughton Head, another NAM and round via Skiprigg and into a time control, we then visited the crown inn crossroads where we turned left and headed towards Sprunston, and then back down towards the crossroads turning left, turning left again at the next crossroads and taking a slot left before Burthwaite took us to the next time control before the final section which started just before the T junction. The Final section went past stone raise, round by Ratten Row past High Pow and Town Foot farm into another NAM and then to Pow Bank, taking the next slot right to go round a final loop before heading for Durdar Crossroads with the finish inside the Black Lion pub.

With picking up no code boards until the second section both Barry and I weren’t expecting great results, but as it turned out there had been none there and we had managed to get all the rest to finish with 0 fails and dropping the least amount of time meaning that we came away with the win.

In the advert for the event it said ‘promises to be a good route’ and it certainly was, so big thanks to Jerry for organising and to all the marshals standing out on a cold night.