Back to the beginning!

By Barry Lindsay

The September 12 car was a case of back to the novices for me!. Having done the majority of the Spadeadam 12cars in the last 20 years in both seats I’ve sat with, and drove with various members with various successes. The September one was different though. For this one my nephew Martyn was introduced to night navigation after a very short lesson. Having done orienteering at school knew a bit about maps but when he started calling left 7 maybe and right 9’s was more than I expected of his first event.

Caroline Lodge organized the event starting from Naworth crossroads. The route went round Low Row, The Banks, Lanercost, Milton. After that crews went round Forest Head, Farlam, Brampton Junction, then Talkin, Skellion & the flat and around Faugh. Heading south from Heads Nook, Cumwhitton, Honsby, Armathwaite. Then heading back north via Low Hesket. Cumwhiton, Wetheral, Newby, Irthington to finish at Smithfield. Sadly on 3 finishers as Richard Clark / Paul Hettrick damaged the gearbox on a NAM.

Martyn impressed for his first event and hopefully will do more. More competitors required though to keep these events running.

Thanks to Caroline for organizing and Geoffrey Harkness, Michael Lindsay, Helen Gibbon, Nigel Harkness, Jonathan Lodge, Ian Robinson, Jerry Hettrick (and Paul after retirement) all for marshalling.


September 12 Car Results


1st 1st Nov       Barry Lindsay / Martyn Petry         0fail   9min

2nd 1st Exp       Phil & Caroline Jobson                   2fail 25min

3rd 2nd Nov     Andrew Graham / Michael Holmes 4fail 26min


Championship positions after 4 rounds


1st Barry Lindsay       34pts             1st Jerry Hetrick           22pts

2nd Phil Jobson           32pts             = Caroline Jobson     22pts

3rd Barrie Thomson     12pts           2nd Pete Johnson         12pts

4th Andrew Graham     9pts            = Richard Todd         12pts

= Neil Thomlinson     12pts

6th George Edminson     9pts


1st Andrew Graham     34pts           1st Michael Holmes         34pts

2nd Nigel Harkness     20pts           2nd Helen Gibbon           20pts

3rd Kenton Pattison     20pts           3rd Paul Hettrick             18pts

4th Richard Clark         18pts           4th Martyn Petry             12pts

5th Barry Lindsay       12pts             5th Neil Henderson         10pts

6th Callum                     10pts