Pathfinders – Competitors report

By John & Christine Ross

We left home armed with maps 85 & 86 to meet up at Westlinton layby, for 7pm, only to be told by Mark, you can’t leave for seven minutes.

Received our instructions and began plotting the route, then off we set in hot pursuit of Nigel and Helen, found the first two clues, then headed for Fergushill, had a fair idea what the answer was, but were being closely followed by Neil and his co driver.

John decided he would go a different way round the route, so off we headed, to Scaleby, but it was a waste of time as we couldn’t find the clue. Then off the Laversdale and the airport, but the navigator didn’t notice I had missed the turning until we got to Seathill, so back we went. (Never rely on me for directions). As we guessed it was the Vulcan.We bypassed Brampton as John THOUGHT he knew the answer, only to find out there is a lane in  Brampton called Shepherds Lane (not the Shoulder of Mutton)

Then up past Talkin Tarn to Netherton Crossroads were it was a simple addition of signpost distances, and onto Forest Head to gather the mail.

It was then a short cut to Lanercost, as John knew the parish at Low Row was Netherdenton. We found the date on the widened Bridge just out of Lanercost, then onto West Hall via a Waterpump at Moorfield. A quick splash through West Hall ford (a novelty for me) to find a very illegible date above a door in West Hall.

Then onto Lees Hill were we forgot to plot the clue, so no points there. An executive decision was made to miss out Walton, shot across Walton Moss to Bolton Fellend, where we found the clue at the White House. From there to Ullermire, where we got the wrong answer to a bird in a tight spot. Then a quick blast to Skitby for the finish.

Two things learned- John is not always right with his local knowledge and I am useless at directions or remembering where I am going.

All in All a great night congratulations to Mark and Dave , although how we came first is a mystery to me, but thankfully we read the rules at the top of the page before we started, so we don’t have to organise next year.

Hope the other 5 crews enjoyed themselves as much as we did?

Looking forward to next year Phil!