Photo Hunt- June Club Night Report

A route around Alstonby, Harker, Rockcliffe Blackford, Sandysike Authuret then Kirklinton Smithfield saw crew looking for 30 item which they had photo’s of but something had been erased.

They had to find what??? (And it’s bloomin harder than you think! Ed.)


1st Martyn Petry, Mike Lindsay, Geoffrey Harkness   25pts  27mile

2nd Yvonne & Graham Petry, Kenton Pattison           22pts  28mile

3rd Nigel & Helen Harkness                                    21½pts 27mile

4th George Edminson & Louise                               20pts  31mile

5th Ross McKenzie, Mark Taylor, David Love            19pts  27mile

6th John Ross                                                      18pts  25mile