A Quizzical Walk

By Helen Harkness

A car club, having a club night without any cars?  Well, yes. That’s because we’re modern and forward thinking, planning ahead for the days when we’ve all had to have electric cars and the battery’s gone flat!

The “quizzical walk” started outside Mr Browns, with Kay Lindsay providing  the question sheet and an RAC rally pen (she seemed to have a great stash of them from somewhere…?), we then headed anti-clockwise around the Moot Hall.

We must have been late arriving, as we could see that there were already small groups of Spadeadam Members scribbling down answers and looking pointedly in completely the wrong direction to where they should have been. I wasn’t sure if this was deliberate misdirection, or they just had no idea what the answer was. The 2nd question was one that caused a little bit of discussion, when it came to the answers at the end of the evening. “Somewhere for horse lovers?” Well, we’d just passed the bookies, plenty of horse lovers in there. Or was it the “Nags Head”? Or was it “Horse Head Lane? The latter conjured up more gory images of Mafia warnings and than My Little Pony!

Onwards, “Where can tourists get advice?”…. I think Caroline Lodge had the answer. Or was Caroline “The Answer”?

Round the corner into High Cross Street, we spotted the Petry boys, who were having a bit of a discussion about which way they should be heading… I’m not sure whose directions were taken, but they disappeared off into the distance at speed.

As we turned right onto Main Street, towards the CO-OP, past the Green Door (where a little Helen went to nursery not so many years ago…and probably quite a few other SMC members…ahhh). We spotted Ian Robinson, heading up the road, he had a quick glance at a footpath sign and turned round. That must be an answer I thought, so sent Nigel to investigate (delegation is key!) .

We now headed back down Main Street towards Carlisle, passing the Scotch Arms and Cartmell Shepherd.

Question 19 was “What is the date found on the Police Station.” I could see Eric and Linda Ritchie heading towards the Police Station a little way in front. I could also see a massive big, very wet looking cloud heading our way. So I did something, that I never, ever do in public… I ran. As I now head into Brampton most days for work, I knew exactly where the date on the Police station was (if only I could have remembered what it was!), so I ran round the corner, as Eric & Linda were looking at the front door. Should I tell them where it is? Nahh, I’m sure they’ll spot it, plus was that a drop of rain I felt there?

Nigel had already got to the next question location, the very wet looking cloud was getting nearer.

We managed to get to question 35 before it absolutely bucketed it down. Luckily my knowledge of Brampton meant that we could fill in the rest of the answers stood in the dry, under the Half Moon Wholefoods canopy.

We then went back to Skitby to get the results – or discuss the possible correct answers. There was a 3-way tie in the end, with Yvonne Petry & Michael Lindsay , Ian Robinson  and Nigel & I all on 39 points. Eric & Linda Ritchie were only half a point behind on 38.5 Followed by the Petry Boys on 35.5 and then Caroline Lodge & Keith Richardson on 35.

It was a lovely way to spend the evening and I discovered bits of Brampton I never knew existed!


Thank you to Kay Lindsay for organizing.