Pirelli Summer Autotest

By Barry Lindsay

The third round of the Spadeadam Autotest championship was the Summer visit to the Pirelli factory carpark. The SMC contingent of autotesters getting entry priority, but then friends from West Cumbria joined to make a full entry. 10 good surface tests were planned and with the carpark with not a single stray car we managed to set two tests up to run at the same time.

Test 1, marshalled by Michael Lindsay and Graham Petry,  was set off by Barry Lindsay, with the first wrong test also! He was joined in wrong tests by David Garstang, John Ross, and Paul Hettrick. Quickest was Chris Hunter in his MX5 wth 51sec but had also used 2 rear tyres! Stuart Moffat and Andrew Robinson got 54sec then Helen Harkness on 59sec.

For the 2nd run at this test Stuart got 50, Andrew  on 52, Nigel Moffat and Jamie Stuart on 53sec. Wrong tests on this run for Chris Hunter, Paul Hettrick, and John Barber.


Test 3 marshalled by Ian Robinson. Fastest was Stuart with 1m23, Craig Stamper on 1m25, Andrew on 1m27 then Chris 1m28. Wrong tests for Martin Davis, Paul, John B and Nigel Moffat. The re-run Stuart got 1m19, Andrew 1m20 Barry on 1m22, Jeff Rae on 1m23. Wrong tests for David & Paul

Tests 5 & 6 were a slight variation of test 1 & 2 then 7 & 8 were on 3 &4 so while the marshals got a quick bite to eat and Caroline time to get some times for the results while the crews walked the course a little bit of light exercise.


Test 5, Chris & Richard Barnard were fastest with 43sec, Andrew & Stuart on 44sec then Nigel & Barry on 46sec Wrong tests for Craig Stamper and Jeff Rae.

Test 6, Stuart got 41sec, Barry, Chris & Richard on 42sec then Andrew & Jeff on 44sec.

Test 7, Andrew got a 38sec ahead of Chris on 39sec, Stuart & Craig both getting 40sec the John Holliday & Barry getting 41sec.


Test 8, Barry & Andrew getting 38sec, Craig on 39 then Richard, John H, and Jeff of 40sec.

Test 9 & 10 ran against each other like a super special just to add a little pressure of beating the opposition. Time wise. Andrew & Chris were quickest on 43sec, Stuart getting 44 then Jeff 45, John H 46sec. Final test Andrew getting 43, Barry 44 (who had gone head to head with Helen his Targa driver.) Chris & Stuart on 45, John H on 46 then Helen on 47 (Plus a cone! – only because she was trying to beat her tutor!) *At least I learnt a valuable lesson: Stay calm and reverse, don’t hit the cone!! Helen

More Photos can be found by following the link >  https://spadeadammotorclub.smugmug.com/Autotests/Summer-Autotest-at-Pirelli-2017-30th-of-July-2017


Results Inc LSD time included (5%)


1st    1st Rd Car     Andrew Robinson  8m 43sec
2nd                           Stuart Moffat       8m 48sec
3rd   2nd Rd Car     John Holliday        9m 36sec
4th  3rd Rd Car       Nigel Harkness     9m 45sec
5th                            Barry Lindsay       9m 54sec
6th  4th Rd Car       Helen Harkness    9m 55sec (that cone!)
7th                            Richard Barnard   10m 04sec
8th                             Chris Hunter        10m 06sec
9th                             Craig Stamper      10m 14sec
10th                           Jeff Rae               10m 16sec
11th       Jnr              Sam Trotter          10m 23sec
12th                           Nigel Moffat          10m 35sec
13th                            John Ross             11m 21sec
14th                             David Garstang      11m 40sec
15th  5th Rd Car       Jamie Stuart          11m 46sec
16th                            Martin Davis          11m 57sec
17th                   John Barber          13m 05sec
18th 6th rd Car     James McWhir       13m 17sec