Spring Grass Test (22nd of April 2012)

By Barry Lindsay

Round two of the Spadeadam Autotest was held on a grass field at Longpark. After weeks of good dry weather it changed leading up to the event and doubts whether the event would run. Other clubs were cancelling their’s for that day but reports of “Its dry at Longpark”

The Sunday was dry and the field was mainly OK. Ian Robinson had some new routes for this event and after giving his grass track mini a blast of the perimeter he set about setting up the tests in large scale..

Ten entrants turned up and following a little accident on the road & the pickup getting stuck setting up the tests delayed the start slightly. A running order was produced to keep everything running with no cars sitting doing nothing as the two tests ran together.

Michael Lindsay marshalled 1&3 while Ian was manning 2&4.

Test 1 Barry got 1m 10 ahead of Richard & Phil both on 1m11 in the mini then Geoffrey & Nigel both on 1m 15.

Test 2 on the lower half of the field Andrew got 1m 08 in the club car ahead of Richard on 1m10 then Barry on 1m13.

Test 3 Barry got 1m11 ahead of Richard on 1m13 then Phil on 1m 15 and Andrew on 1m16.

Test 4 Richard regained the lead of the competition with 1m09 followed by Barry on 1m11 then Phil on 1m13 then Neil T and Nigel both on 1m14.

Tests 5 & 6 were 1&2 joined to make a mammoth test over the field. After a refuel Barry attacked Test 5 using the throw it sideways ways of scrubbing speed which worked 2m 17. Neil T using the same setup on the Corsa to get 2m 23.

John Ross (Picture above) also using sideways past the cone approach got 2m 27. Test 6 Richard quickest in his last run in the mini with 2m22. Neil T got 2m 26 then Todd & John both on 2m27. Barry misjudged the grip and got a cone. Suspiciously during the day only two cone penalties were given. I got penalised when I hit one!! While Phil finished off the Mini the higher gears were too much for the clutch.

Test 7 Barry and Neil T equalled on 1m 07 after Joe had made a little tweak to the car setup! Followed by Richard, now using Geoffrey’s Corsa.

Test 8 was back down on the lower half of the field. Barry getting 1m01 while Andrew got the grips of the club car with 1m03 then Neil T and Geoffrey on 1m 09.

Test 9 was a rerun of 7 Andrew was quickest with 1m 05 followed by Barry on 1m08 then Neil T on 1m09. Neil Varah was having a nightmare of a day. The rear suspension had locked solid.  The Exhaust had fell off then on this test ran over a cone, went to reverse off it and it pulled the radiator bottom hose off.

Test 10 was test 8 and Andrew again quickest with 1m 02, Barry on 1m05 then Richard on 1m06. Phil J got a wrong direction, while Neil V didn’t get the car repaired before the cones were gathered!!


1st Barry Lindsay     13m 52

2nd Andrew Robinson     14m 22

3rd Richard Clark     14m 23

4th Neil Thomlinson     14m 28

5th Geoffrey Harkness    14m 48

6th John Ross     14m 58

7th Nigel Harkness      15m 23

8th Phil Jobson      15m 41

9th Todd Brown     15m 53

10th Neil Varah     16m 34

Championship Points after two rounds

Barry Lindsay 30,

Geoffrey Harkness 20,

Richard Clark 19,

Nigel Harkness 16,

John Ross & Neil Thomlinson 15,

Andrew Robinson 12,

Todd Brown 10

Thanks to Ian Robinson, Michael Lindsay & Caroline Lodge for Marshalling & Joe & Neil Thomlinson for the use of the field.

(Images © B. Lindsay / H. R. Gibbon / Spadeadam Motor Club 2012)