Ingliston – 2012

By Barry Lindsay

The fourth round of the North of England tarmac championship was held at Ingliston Nr Edinburgh Airport. 62 entries in the main field and added to this was 12 in the juniors. The first year of the Scottish Juniors where 14-17 year olds can compete in 1000cc cars.

Geoffrey Harkness / Caroline Lodge

Geoffrey Harkness / Caroline Lodge
Image courtesy of David Hattrick

Barry & Michael Lindsay had the reshelled 106 out following the longer than planned winter project seeded 6. Geoffrey Harkness & Caroline Lodge returned to the championship for this round in the Corsa at 32. Richard Clark & James McWhir were having a rare outing in the 205 with “for sale” signs on the windows at 59.

Stages were the now normal layout using the new garden & perimeter road to boost the mileage. Barry & Michael were quickest of the SMC crews with 8m 32. Geoffrey & Caroline got 8m 37 then Richard & James on 9m 31.

Following a quick service it was into a repeat. Barry had the 106 back where he wanted it after a major change at service. Going 28 seconds quicker over the 5 mile stage. Geoffrey & Caroline getting 8m 29 followed by Richard & James also going quicker with 9m 12.

Stage three was a changed layout and slightly shorter. Barry & Michael were in max attack mode 4th fastest time and 106 was now on rails and gained the class lead 7m 28. Geoffrey & Caroline on 7m 52 then Richard & James 8m 33.

 Stage 4 was again a repeat. Geoffrey & Caroline went quicker with 7m 47 then Richard & James on 8m 31 despite losing time when two cars collided and couldn’t get past. Barry & Michael lost three & a half minutes when the throttle came off just after the start. Barry thought he could sort it quickly but part of it wasn’t there so they completed the stage with Barry reaching to the dash and pulling the peddle with his hand.

The lunch halts while the stages were changed in direction. Barry had repaired the linkage and fitting the old tyres, down in 9th in class this was time to gain some mileage.

Stages 5 & 6 Barry & Michael were quickest in class on both and were climbing back up the leader board but following the stage a driveshaft joint had split so the service was spent changing that. Geoffrey & Caroline setting times just behind and had taken the class lead. The debate now was whether to get some new tyres on the car!  Richard & James were enjoying themselves avoiding other cars.

Final two stages Geoffrey pointed out to Barry that mathematically 2nd or 3rd in class was possible. Barry now with something to fight for changed the tyres for a better set. Stage 7 Barry & Michael had an attack setting 4th fastest time enough to put them 3rd in class but then on the last stage again on an attack the engine cut out. Barry was quickly under the bonnet and it restarted without doing anything. By the time they got set off again 45 seconds had been lost. Geoffrey & Caroline were attacking but thought they had a comfortable class lead but it came as a surprise to both Spadeadam crews when the second in class person suddenly jumped up the timesheets when a time was altered. Richard & James were battling on and only just made it when the engine died after the finish with a blocked fuel filter.


16th 1st  Geoffrey Harkness / Caroline Lodge Corsa 63m21

23rd 3rd  Barry & Michael Lindsay 106 Gti 64m59

36th 9th Richard Clark / James McWhir 205 68m37