Pathfinders Results

By Geoffrey Harkness

Starting at Westlinton, nine crews plotted a route that would take them by Hopesike wood, Oakbank then across to Chapelknowe before a short loop, then back down via Englishtown to Glinger Bank. The next section was up to Evertown across to Hollows, then to Claygate and Harelaw before heading back to the finish at Skitby via Pedderhill, Slealands and the Cliff. Everybody set off in the correct direction and all got to the finish but how and by what route could be any one’s guess. Phil and Viv would have won except for the time penalties .Chris and Sue also did well but also received penalties but both crews did manage to find the last clues in the dark. John and Christine was the only other crew to get a penalty, all the other crews being penalty free. In the end it was a close finish between Dave and Mark and team Lodge but the number 1seeds came out top. Congratulations to Mark and Dave, next year’s organisers.

Results                                                  Clues                      Penalties

1st   Dave and Mark                                     10                                    0

2nd   Caroline and Jonathan                      9                                    0

3rd   Joe and Neil                                         8                                    0

4th   Nigel and Helen                                   8                                    0

5th   John and Christine                              8                                    1

6th   Phil and Viv                                           8                                    4

7th   Mike and Ian                                         7                                    0

8th   Neil and Zac                                         5                                    0

9th   Chris and Sue                                       4                                    6