Pathfinders Results

1st       Yvonne Petry & Geoffrey Harkness      11 Clues  47 Miles
2nd     Neil Thomlinson & Paul Scott               8 Clues  43 Miles
3rd      Christine & John Ross                             7 Clues  46 Miles
4th      Neil & Zach Varah                                    7 Clues  47 Miles
=         Mike Lindsay & Caroline Lodge             7 Clues  47 Miles


Indoor Autotest *

October Club night was held at our new club night venue, Skitby just outside Smithfield. Richard Thomson organised a brilliant course for members to attempt using one of Richards remote control Rwd mini’s.

Previously we blamed the floor at Brampton for the cars to steer themselves but this year the smooth tile floor seemed more of a challenge.

A good nights competition and a laugh as some members took on the challenge!


1st Neil Thomlinson 4m 32

2nd Barry Lindsay 4m 55

3rd Jonathan Fowler 6m 24

4th Richard Thomson 7m 58

5th Ian Robinson 8m 23

6th Neil Varah 8m 39

7th Dave Love 8m 52

8th Zak Varah    10m 36


*Using remote control cars!

Playstation Night

By Barry Lindsay

The September Club night was held in the Workshop of Keith & Peter Taylor at Smithfield. As well as the Playstations a very entertaining evening looking at and sitting in the three rallycars for those that wanted. Thanks again to Keith & Peter for making us welcome.


1st Barry Lindsay 8m 07s
2nd Zach Varah 9m 02s
3rd Mark Taylor 9m 23s
4th Johnathan Fowler 9m 26s
5th Neil Varah 9m 54s
6th Helen Gibbon 11m 15s
7th Dave Love 11m 27s
8th Nigel Harkness 12m 07s

Spadeadam Summer Autotest & BBQ – Sunday 15th August

Sunday Afternoon Autotest

Followed by a BBQ  (if wanted).

Spectators and Friends all welcome for a get-together.

To be held at Longpark, Scaleby. Autotest starts 1 pm.

What is an Autotest?

The aim of these events is to negotiate a planned route around various obstacles (usually traffic cones).

Although the test is timed it is more a test of driving skill than speed. Continue reading

July Club Night Autotest

By Barry Lindsay

The July club night was an evening of autotesting at Longpark, Scaleby. Two tests were set up on the grass field to keep competitors busy with two runs at each. Tests 1 & 2 were marshalled by Michael. Jerry was quickest on the first test with 1m 38, Barry on 1m 41, Nigel on 1m 42 then John on 1m 45. Three crews got a wrong test, Christine, Simon B & Simon J. On the second run Jerry was fastest again with 1m 36, Barry on 1m 37, Simon B on 1m 41 then Neil on 1m 45. Wrong test for Lindsay.

Running at the same time crews tackled tests 3 & 4 which were ran by Caroline. Test 3 Barry was quickest with 55 seconds ahead of John on 56, Jerry on 58 then Geoffrey on 59. Wrong test for Simon J. Test 4 Barry again got 55, Jerry on 58, Simon B on 59 then Simon J & John on 1m. Wrong tests for Christine & Lindsay

Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison

Positions after test 4

1st Barry Lindsay                 5m 08

2nd Jerry Hettrick               5m 10

3rd John Ross                      5m 37

4th Neil Thomlinson          5m 39

5th Nigel Harkness             5m 40

6th Simon Jobson               5m 43

7th Simon Brockbank        6m11

8th Geoffrey Harkness      6m16

9th Robert Harrison          6m42

10th Lindsay Harrison       6m50

11th Christine Ross             6m51

Continue reading

Treasure Hunt (3rd of June 2010)

By Ian Robinson

June club night saw the clubs annual event, a short route with only 20 questions however this still proved for some a bit of a trial generating a few tribulations. The act of traveling the route twice in the allotted time allowance for some did little to improve ones results.

Six intrepid crews gathered at Laversdale for the 7-30 start or it may be said at the moment kick-off! (Bloomin’ football, I am sick of hearing about it, 100k a week, can’t dribble, head, or cross. I have seen better efforts on the local playing fields, send them all home!) Visiting Scaleby, Smithfield, Kirklinton, Hethersgill and three horse shoes en-route within the two hours allowed was the makings of a leisurely evenings drive. Continue reading

Spadeadam Motor Club Pathfinders 2010

By Caroline Lodge

May’s club night saw six crews setting out on the 2010 Pathfinders event. Each crew had a list of grid squares to plot and a clue to solve for each square. Crews could take any route they liked, but had a time limit to keep within and needed to try and keep their mileage as low as possible.

The answers to the clues ranged from house names, to engravings on walls, from signs and posters to members surnames.

The organiser’s route took the Longtown road out past Laversdale turn and then took the right up towards Prior Rigg, then across and down through Boltonfellend, taking in three of the fifteen squares on the way.

Then turned left at Hethersgill before dropping down to Walton. Nobody saw the engraving on the tree (it was there the night before) and one crew did try unsuccessfully to cover their tracks after trampling down some nettles at Walton Mill Bridge.

Lanercost New Bridge was the next location before crossing the A69, passing Milton Rigg Woods, on to Kirkhouse and doing a loop around Forest Head, where if you’re not careful you could be in danger of listened to or blown up. Back down through Talkin crossing the Brampton- Castle Carrock road, and to the viaduct at Gelt Woods. If the crews had taken the time to site here for a rest they would have found another answer. Continue reading