July Club Night Autotest

By Barry Lindsay

The July club night was an evening of autotesting at Longpark, Scaleby. Two tests were set up on the grass field to keep competitors busy with two runs at each. Tests 1 & 2 were marshalled by Michael. Jerry was quickest on the first test with 1m 38, Barry on 1m 41, Nigel on 1m 42 then John on 1m 45. Three crews got a wrong test, Christine, Simon B & Simon J. On the second run Jerry was fastest again with 1m 36, Barry on 1m 37, Simon B on 1m 41 then Neil on 1m 45. Wrong test for Lindsay.

Running at the same time crews tackled tests 3 & 4 which were ran by Caroline. Test 3 Barry was quickest with 55 seconds ahead of John on 56, Jerry on 58 then Geoffrey on 59. Wrong test for Simon J. Test 4 Barry again got 55, Jerry on 58, Simon B on 59 then Simon J & John on 1m. Wrong tests for Christine & Lindsay

Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison

Positions after test 4

1st Barry Lindsay                 5m 08

2nd Jerry Hettrick               5m 10

3rd John Ross                      5m 37

4th Neil Thomlinson          5m 39

5th Nigel Harkness             5m 40

6th Simon Jobson               5m 43

7th Simon Brockbank        6m11

8th Geoffrey Harkness      6m16

9th Robert Harrison          6m42

10th Lindsay Harrison       6m50

11th Christine Ross             6m51

After a quick cone move another four tests were ran. Neil was quickest with 1m 12 ahead of Nigel with 1m 22, Barry got 1m 24 which included a cone, then Geoffrey with 1m27. Wrong test for Jerry , John, Robert & Simon J & B. For the re-run Neil again quickest with 1m11, Jerry got 1m 13, Barry got 1m 15 then Lindsay and Geoffrey on 1m17. Wrong test for Robert.

Down on Carolines tests 7 & 8, Simon B was quickest with 55, Neil got 59, Lindsay on 1m 03 then Barry on 1m 05 including another cone. Wrong tests for John, Christine, Robert, Simon & Nigel.

Lindsay Harrison

Lindsay Harrison

Final test Barry quickest with 51, then Jerry on 54, Neil on 57 and Lindsay on 58.

Thanks to Joe Thomlinson for the use of the field. Thanks also to Caroline and Michael for marshalling.


1st Barry Lindsay                9m 43

2nd Neil Thomlinson         9m 58

3rd Jerry Hettrick              10m 17

4th Nigel Harkness            10m 36

5th John Ross                     11m 12

6th Geoffrey Harkness     11m 13

7th Simon Brockbank      11m 26

8th Simon Jobson            11m 38

9th Lindsay Harrison     11m 51     *1st Lady

10th Christine Ross         12m 24     *2nd Lady

11th Robert Harrison      12m 59

Nigel Harkness

Nigel Harkness

(Photo © Helen R. Gibbon / Spadeadam Motor Club)