Kames Rally Time Trial

By Barry Lindsay

The Kames rally Time trial on the 17th July was the 3rd time trial of the year. East Ayrshire Car Club run four events in the year. For some reason the events don’t attract a big entry, 19 crews entered the July event. Barry & Michael Lindsay were seeded at no 4 with Geoffrey Harkness & Caroline Lodge at 5 in the Corsa. The way they work is that everyone follows the organiser car round the two laps of the circuit. Competitors get three goes at the stage with the best time used in the results. There are four variations during the day so that equals 12 runs with four times to count. Ideal for getting to the car, testing something different or just for a blast!!

The first stage was dry and everyone was pushing quite hard, Geoffrey & Caroline missed a split junction on one run, but this style of timing it didn’t matter. Barry & Michael were 1 second quicker than the Corsa crew. However on SS2 the time was taken back as Barry messed up a hairpin or two and decided a handbrake is for parking the car on a trailer!

Stage three was the other way round, again, three runs at it and everyone looking for tenths of seconds. Barry & Michael got ¾ of a second. The final stage was set up and the clouds blackened. Tyres were going to be interesting if it turned wet. Barry had a choice of very well worn slicks, well worn slicks or good wets (which weren’t to be used unless…).Very well worn it was (because they were on..) Geoffrey & Caroline chose the same.

Sure enough SS4 was going to be wet, Barry & Michael attacked as it started to rain on the damp track. Fastest time by over 2 seconds quicker than anyone else. For the second & third runs it was torrential. Crews could change tyres, but some opted to just do one run, S.M.C. crews battled on but times got slower.

Next Rally Time Trial :-  Kames on Sept 5th


3rd OA       1st Class           Barry & Michael Lindsay                             6m 01.5

6th OA       3rd Class         Geoffrey Harkness & Caroline Lodge        6m 10.2

Geoffrey Harkness and Caroline Lodge

Geoffrey Harkness and Caroline Lodge

Barry & Michael Lindsay

Barry & Michael Lindsay



(Photo © Nigel Harkness / Spadeadam Motor Club)