Run To The Sea 2016

When it came to organising this year’s run, we realised that we didn’t have that many options left. We could go back up north, in a similar area to last year, or we could head south to the “Costa del Cumbria”, however our probable route south had already been used on the “Summer Run”. Right, we’ll have to do some lateral thinking to get out to the coast.

So, on a grey Sunday morning a small band of travellers set off from Dobbies Garden Centre and headed out towards Welton, up onto the Caldbeck fells where we could down onto the Solway basin. Then down past the end of Bassenthwaite, through Cockermouth, past M-Sport.

Unfortunately the testing facilities weren’t ready for us, though Phil & Viv Mk1 Escort  felt the magnetic attraction to M-Sport as they passed the main entrance!

We wended our way towards Maryport, where we had our first stop for refreshments and the first excuse to have an ice cream! The old ship that was sat in Glencaple last year was now sat on the mud in the harbour here. We weren’t intentionally following it, but I wonder where it’ll end up next? I wouldn’t mind following it to Barbados! We also met up with Christine & John at this point. We then regrouped and headed down the coast, after a tentative look at the beach at one location,  John & Christine said they knew the best bit, so we followed them past Allonby, turned left down a little track across the dunes and to our lunch halt.


There were two things that we couldn’t organise; the weather and the tide. Thank fully the weather was great, but the tide however, was in. This made for interesting paddling though. As the it slowly started to go out, a sandbank was spotted and it was challenge to see how deep you had to paddle before you could get onto it. This challenge was taken too far by one, and successfully completed by another. I decided the direct approach was best, right up to my chest and it was still getting deeper: Fail. Mike walked further up the coast and simply walked out onto it… “simples”! (Must remember that for next time!)


After lunch we then continued on towards Silloth and round the coast in the opposite direction of the route used on the summer run, with the aim of finishing off the afternoon with a drink at the pub in Port Carlisle. We said goodbye to the Lindsay / Petry party at this point as there was school the next morning for Graham & Shaun.

Sitting in the fading evening sunshine, drinking my cool glass of diet coke, surrounded by lovely folk talking rallying & cars – the perfect end to a wonderful day. I think I’d even started to dry out by then.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the day. Not quite sure where we’re going to get to next year, suggestions on a post card please!