Autotest Report – Summer Tests – June 2016

By Barry Lindsay

The Summer grass Autotest saw 12 drivers battle it out over 10 tests, it had been planned to run 12 but the weather turned so bad there was no fun for everyone standing around. For the first time we had a BBQ after  6 tests to try and attract non competitors along also.

The field was dry for the majority of the tests. Test 1 Nigel Harkness & Barry Lindsay equaled on 1m27, Andrew Graham on 1m28 then Helen on  1m30.  For  the  re-­‐run  Nigel  was  quickest  on  1m24,  John  Ross  got 1m26 then Barry on 1m27 again the Geoffrey Harkness on 1m28 in roadcar class Fiesta.

A quick move of cones and test 3 was ready. Neil Thomlinson was quickest with 1m26 but was suffering from a heavy night out the night before! Nigel got 1m 28, close behind was Helen on 1m29 then Barry on 1m30. Geoffrey Harkness got a wrong test.

On   the  re-­‐run  as  test  4,  Kenton  Pattison  also  suffering  from  a  heavy night out managed a quickest time with 1m 20. Followed by Nigel on 1m21, Andrew & Geoffrey on 1m 22 then Barry on 1m23. Wrong tests     on this one were for John Ross and new to Autotesting Mandy Talbot.

Another quick route change which barely gave the marshals time to sit down. Test 5 Kenton & Barry equaled time with 2m21, Richard Clark got 2m25 in the Mini then Neil got 2m26. Whilst Eric & Linda had the burgers sizzling Test 6 was run. Richard and Kenton shared the honors with fastest time of 2m 09, Nigel got 2m10 then Geoffrey & Barry on 2m11.

Crews gathered round  the  easy-­‐ups where  Eric  & Linda, Caroline Lodge & Kay Lindsay were on bread  rolls, salad and drinks. Many thanks for some great food.

Back to the tests. Test 7 1m 54 was a popular time, Nigel, Andrew, Richard & Barry all got it, with Geoffrey & Neil just behind on 1m56. On the  re-­‐run  as  Test  8  it  was  starting  to  rain.  Nigel  was  quickest  with 1m52 then Geoffrey on 1m55 followed by Barry on 1m56  as  times  started to slip.

Test 9 would be the head to head . Richard was quickest with 1m 07 followed by Kenton & Geoffrey both on 1m09. Then Barry on 1m11. Nephew Graham was quick to work out that taking the 3seconds out of Nigel now made it a tie for the lead going into the last test.

Test 10 was now pretty wet and getting wetter. Geoffrey was quickest with 1m12 ahead of Andrew on 1m13, then Richard, Nigel and George Edmondson who all got 1m 15.

Thanks go to Michael Lindsay & Ian Robinson for Marshalling. Caroline Lodge for results and supplying all the BBQ food & equipment. Eric & Linda Ritchie & Kay Lindsay for catering. Joe & Neil Thomlinson for the use of the field.


1st Nigel Harkness    16m 35

2nd Barry Lindsay   16m 42

3rd Andrew Graham   16m 51

4th Richard Clark (road)16m 58

5th Kenton Pattison   17m 15

6th Helen Harkness 17m 16

7th Geoffrey Harkness (road)17m 16

8th Neil Thomlinson     17m 28

9th Mark Talbot  (road) 18m 15

10th George Edminson (road)18m 21

11th Mandy Talbot (road)  19m 27