Spring Autotest – May 2016

By Barry Lindsay

First Autotest of 2016 was at Longpark on grass. Nine competitors reved up and ready to get the season off to flying start.

With 12 tests ahead Kenton Pattison led the field away as current champion but pressure got him as far as the third cone when he spun on the slippy grass and had to do a three point turn to recover. The early runners were struggling for grip but some massive slides were being had and almost as big a smiles on faces – although it wasn’t quick.

First test Helen Harkness was fastest with 1m25 just ahead of Jon Fowler on 1m26 the John Barber on 1m28.

On the repeat as Test2 John Ross got 1m22 while John B, Martin Davies & Barry Lindsay got 1m23.

Quick route change for Test 3, Barry navigated by nephew ( Graham who wasn’t happy in 9th place called for a serious climb back) got 1m02 ahead of Martin in 1m03 the Kenton on 1m04.

Repeated as Test 4 Martin, Jon and Barry got 58sec, then John B, Nigel & Helen all on 1m02.

Another route change for Test 5. Jon getting 1m38 ahead of Martin and Barry on 1m40, Kenton on 1m44

Repeated as test 6 John R got 1m33, Jon & Barry getting 1m35 then Martin and Helen on 1m37.

Positions after Test6

1st Jonathan Fowler       8m 06
2nd Martin Davies          8m 12
3rd John Ross                   8m 21
4th Barry Lindsay          8m 26
5th Helen Harkness      8m 28
6th John Barber             8m 30
7th Nigel Harkness        8m 32
8th Kenton Pattison      8m 38
9th Nic Fowler               10m10

Test 7 Barry got 1m31, ahead of Martin on 1m33, John R on 1m35 then Nigel on 1m39. Jon Fowler lost the lead when he hit a cone.

For the re run as Test 8 John R got 1m 27, Jon & Kenton on 1m29 then John B & Barry on 1m30.

Test 9 Jon went quickest with 1m51 putting himself back in the lead with a 1m51, Barry on 1m53, Nigel on 1m56 then Helen on 1m59. Kenton picked up the first wrong test of 2016…

On the repeat as Test 10 Kenton proven when his concentration levels are at 100% he can get some stunning times and some good car control 1m 41 ahead of John R on 1m48, Martin on 1m49 then John B, Nigel & Helen getting 1m 53.

Time for the Head to Head Test 11. Nigel was fastest on 59sec, Helen got 1m01, Barry on 1m03 then Jon on 1m04.

On the final test, Kenton got 54sec, Barry got 58sec, Jon & John B on 59sec.


1st Barry Lindsay        17m15
2nd Martin Davies      17m 27
3rd Jonathan Fowler  17m 29
4th Nigel Harkness     17m 34
5th John Ross               17m 34
6th Helen Harkness    17m 41
7th John Barber           17m 43
8th Kenton Pattison    18m 01
9th Nic Fowler              20m 31