Lindisfarne Rally (16th of September 2012)

By Barry Lindsay

Two Spadeadam crews ventured back to Otterburn for the Lindisfarne, struggling for entries the event only just ran. Peter Taylor with Jack Morton on the notes were seeded at 3 following last years second place was wanting to go one better in the Clio. Barry & Michael Lindsay were at 7 in the 106.

Barry and Michael Lindsay

Barry and Michael Lindsay

Sunday and the forecasts varied, it was mainly dry but rain was coming possibly! But when. So with 4 stages before Service tyre choice could play an important role. Barry & Michael going out with the normal “Otterburn Shower Cut” in the front & back. Just as they left service it started to drizzle. Stage 1 was dry Peter & Jack getting 7m 12 with Barry & Michael just behind on 7m 15. After a rough road section it was into Stage 2 The Riverside stage. Peter / Jack & Barry / Michael both got the same time of 2m 37 which was 2nd fastest time. Barry had pushed quite hard on this one. Cutting one of the corners  which launched the car across the road onto the grass and having to get it all straightened up for a fast approaching cattle grid. Stage three was over the other side of the range and fast stages with a lot of hills. Peter & Jack got 5m10 while Barry & Michael got 5m 23. Stage 4 Was the fast roads taking crews past the service area then around a loop of narrower roads and back to service. Peter & Jack got 10m00 while Barry & Michael dropped time with a suspected puncture after clipping a dragged out rock on the road. 10m 23 was the time and no puncture!

Peter Taylor / Jack Morton

Peter Taylor / Jack Morton

A quick 10 min service before doing the same 4 stages. Weather was starting to close in but it was still drizzle as crews left. Peter & Jack going quicker on each stage and closing down on the rally leader. Barry & Michael were extending there class lead on each stage despite the deteriorate of the brakes, on the long stages however they arrived back at service with a 47sec advantage. Peter & Jack meanwhile had cut there deficit to 19 seconds. Stage 9 followed a long service where Barry fitted fresh brake pads for the 10 mile stage. Peter & Jack got another 2 seconds back, with only two stages left the car was stripped of extra weight out went the spare wheel etc. The penultimate stage and as crews lined up the weather got worse with it being quite wet in places. Peter & Jack took another 5 seconds back while Barry & Michael took a few risks and had a few lockups on the wet concrete sections and with 4th fastest time they extending the class lead by 23 seconds. The final stage and Peter & Jack on full attack lost control on a right hander collecting the hedge on the outside removing the wing & bumper and came to a halt. Unknown to them the leader was also off and struggling to regain the road. They both made the finish with similar time loss. Barry & Michael meanwhile went into the stage equal on time with Jim Sharps Subaru in 5th= The 106 stopping the clocks 5 seconds quicker than the Subaru and taking 5th.


2nd Overall                Peter Taylor / Jack Morton        Clio      1hr 20.19

5th OA     1st Class     Barry & Michael Lindsay             106       1hr 23.27

(Photos © Y. Petry / Spadeadam Motor Club 2012)

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