Countdown Rally 2012

By John Ross, Clerk of Course

I would like to express my thanks to all members who assisted in the organisation and marshalling of the Countdown this year. Whilst I know my name is at the top of the organisers list as Clerk of the Course, the event would not have got anywhere near the starting blocks without the able assistance of my fellow sub-committee members, Phil, Barry, Ian, Jerry and  Mark. Together with Richard Thomson(PR & Timing) Richard Clark & James McWhir (scrutineering) David Robinson (petrol at the Sands Garage) Mike (Noise Check) Helen (photography)Barry Thompson/Barry Lindsay (Opening Car), Mike Lindsay/ Geoffrey Harkness(Closing Car)Dave Love & George Rutherford(PR) and all the marshals who were signed-on, on the night. Without any one of you there would have been a gaping hole in the organisation of this event. If I have missed out anybody that deserves personal thanks may I apologise now. Finally a big thank you goes to the Private Landowners over who’s ground the event ran over. Without which I know the competitors would not have had so much fun.

We have received several e-mails and personal thanks from the competitors who all appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. To the few who failed to stay within OTL at MC12 I offer my apologises, it was my intention that you would have made it to the end of the event and not failed to reach the end of the first section. Hopefully you will come back for more next year and with luck and a bit of rethinking we will get everybody to the finish.

As for next year I have been asked if I am prepared to put my neck on the block again (somewhere I heard myself agree to this). So with that in mind I have already had the pencil scratching lines over Maps 85 & 86 (other maps may be available)

Here’s looking forward to a successful Countdown 2013.