Summer Autotest & BBQ

By Barry Lindsay

The third autotest of the year was held at Longpark Farm, with a large stubble field at our disposal. The problem was what do we do with such a large area?! With all ten tests set up on the Saturday afternoon, it would ensure non-stop action on the Sunday afternoon. With brilliant weather it was shades and suncream rather than wellies (well, except someone!). 10 competitors took part with 9 tests then a BBQ, then the final test.
Test one, Barry was quickest with 55 seconds followed by Neil Thomlinson on 57 seconds, then Geoffrey Harkness on 59 seconds. On the rerun of this test times tumbled as the stubble scrubbed off to the compact surface. Barry was quickest on 54 seconds, then Neil T. and Phil Jobson on 57 and Geoffrey on 58.

Test Three, Neil T. was quickest with 1m 08s, then Ian Robinson giving the “new” Skoda a thrashing on 1m 09s, along with Phil also on 1m 09s. Simon Jobson and Barry both got wrong directions getting 1m 33s. The re-run Barry started the fight back, quickest with 1m 06s. Phil matched his first run of 1m 09s, then Neil T. on 1m 10s, then John Ross on 1m 11s.

Positions after test 4

1st Neil Thomlison 4m 12s
2nd Phil Jobson 4m 15s
3rd John Ross 4m 28s
= Barry Lindsay 4m 28s
5th Geoffrey Harkness 4m 29s
6th Ian Robinson 4m 35s
7th Nigel Harkness 4m 39s
8th Neil Varah 4m 51s
9th Callum Young 4m 54s
10th Simon Jobson 5m 25s
Phil Jobson
Phil Jobson

With the marshals moved over onto the new tests, test 5, John was quickest back in his fiesta getting 52 seconds, then Barry on 53 seconds and then Neil T. on 54 seconds. On the re-run Barry improved with 49 seconds, Geoffrey got 51 seconds, then Neil T. and John on 52 seconds.

Test seven was the Christmas tree, always fun, but today brought a new problem with a few cars suffering from fuel pickup during the cornering. Barry was quickest with 1m 07s, then Geoffrey and John, both on 1m 08s and Nigel Harkness on 1m 11s. For the second run Geoffrey and John again got the same time, quickest on 1m 06s. Neil T. got 1m 10s, then newcomer Callum Young getting the hang of it with 1m 11s. Struggling on this test was Ian, getting two wrong tests.

Neil and Joe Thomlinson
Neil and Joe Thomlinson

Test nine was the big one, joining two test sites together, making a flowing, faster test. Barry was quickest with 1m 15s, then Nigel on 1m 21s, Phil on 1m 22s, and Geoffrey and Neil on 1m 23s.

Then it was time for the excellent barbecue, before it was suggested to run the last test in position order, with slowest first. Therefore on the final test Neil T. would go last as leader by 2 seconds from Barry. A very close test with everyone trying very hard. Nigel, John and finally Neil T. got 1m 17s ahead of Geoffrey on 1m 18, then Barry on 1m 19s.

Thanks to Joe Thomlinson for the use of the field. Thanks also to Caroline and Michael for marshalling.

Next Autotest: 12th of September, Longpark, Scaleby. 1pm Start.


1st Neil Thomlinson 11m 00s
2nd Barry Lindsay 11m 04s
3rd Geoffrey Harkness 11m 11s
4th John Ross 11m 15s
5th Phil Jobson 11m 26s
6th Nigel Harkness 11m 33s
7th Neil Varah 12m 16s
8th Ian Robinson 12m 22s
9th Callum Young 12m 44s
10th Simon Jobson 13m 16s

Check out the points tables for the overall standings after this round!

Geoffrey Harkness
Geoffrey Harkness


Nigel Harkness
Nigel Harkness


Barry Lindsay
Barry Lindsay

(Photos Β© Helen R. Gibbon/ Spadeadam Motor Club)