Summer Stubble Field Autotest

By Barry Lindsay

The July Autotest ran on a stubble field at the Plump to add variety to the Autotest championship. However, the surface change didn’t attract the entries that I’d hoped. The weather on the day didn’t help but the 10 entered all turned up and had a fun afternoon.

Test 1 – Nigel Harkness was quickest with 1m23 followed by Helen Harkness & myself on 1m30 the John Ross on 1m31.

Test 2 – Helen went quickest with 1m25 to lead the event ahead of myself by 1 second, Mike Burke next quickest on 1m29 ahead of Colin Trotter on 1m30.


Test 3 – I went quickest with 1m04 only 1 second ahead of Nigel on 1m05 then John on 1m08.

Test 4 – John & myself both got 1m10, Andrew Jeffrey getting 1m16 ahead of Helen on 1m17.

Whilst the cones were moved to a better part of the field interim results after 4 were:-

1st Barry Lindsay 5m10                                      6th Andrew Jeffrey   5m49

2nd John Ross 5m20                                           7th Colin Trotter        5m58

3rd Nigel Harkness 5m25                                    8th Phil Hodgson           6m04

4th Helen Harkness 5m25                                   9th Martyn Petry         6m12

5th Mike Burke 5m43                                         10th Sam Trotter         6m23

Test 5 – Helen was quickest with 1m34 followed by Nigel on 1m35 then John on 1m37.

Test 6 – Helen again quickest this time with 1m29, Nigel again 1 second slower on 1m30 then John on 1m32. Martyn Petry on his first Autotest picked up the first wrong test. Despite doing a longer test his Brother Graham had the honour of giving him his first wrong test! Whilst I as organiser and navigator on this occasion had to accept the penalty to remain unbiased. For reference, to crews that think myself and other competitors gain by having relations marshals. SMC policy is to swap marshals to non-relations. However, with only two marshals and myself as officials this event it couldn’t be avoided.

Overall Positions had now changed – Helen 8m 28, John 8m 29, Nigel 8m30, myself 8m44, Mike 9m17, Andrew 9m 18, Colin 9m29, Phil 9m45, Sam 9m52, Martyn 10m10.

Test 7 Nigel, Colin & Andrew all tied on 1m32. Myself on 1m35 then Phil getting 1m37 finally getting some grip with the Mazda as the weather dried up. Helen had a nightmare having to retrace her tracks and loosing 20sec. Wrong tests for Mike and John (which dropped him from what would have put him in the event lead).


Test 8 would be the end of the day. John tried a fight back with quickest on 1m27, followed by 1m28 for both Helen and myself then came Nigel on 1m29 the Andrew on 1m31.


1st Nigel Harkness                      11m31
2nd Barry Lindsay                       11m47
3rd (1st Rd Car) Helen Harkness   11m49
4th John Ross 12m08
5th (1st R C cup) Andrew Jeffrey 12m21
6th Colin Trotter 12m35           7th Mike Burke 13m02
8th Phil Hodgson              13m03
9th (1st Jnr) Martyn Petry 13m32
10th Sam Trotter                        13m38

Thanks go to David from the Plumpe Farm for the use of the field, Michael Lindsay & Graham Petry for marshalling.