Chiarman’s Month

By Barry Lindsay

Been a disappointing month in many ways, hope things get better once the Beast from the East disappears.

Month started with rushing round here there and everywhere borrowing and servicing and fitting fire extinguishers to meet the New MSA rules when Lifeline couldn’t cope with demand to get ready for the Malcolm Wilson Rally. Only for it to be cancelled. ARRRRGH. While at the same time we had to postpone our Spadeadam awards night which was the right decision as on the actual night the A6071 Brampton – Longtown was blocked in several places with cars stuck in drifts.

Moving forward marshalling the Border Counties the week after didn’t happen either again due to the snow and everyone’s safety.

The March 12 car had to be cancelled due to lack of entries and the roads were still rather snow lined at the time. However I’ve got my entry in for the April 12 Car is hope you have too. If you are not competing please help marshal. There may not be many more chances if it’s not supported.

Pirelli International is again taking a fair bit of my time trying to find marshals for the event. If you haven’t been asked yet you soon will be! Again this year as well as looking after the marshal’s side I’ve got big bales, barrels, barriers and cones to logistically try and get to the right place during the build up to the event. Hopefully a different solution will be found for 2019 as this year is a nightmare. We’ll find out on the day if all the planning comes to fruition.

When I do get chance the 106 is slowly getting checked over and dated components put back onto it after they were built into the 206 for the Wilson Rally. An entry is in for the Warcop Stages to give the 106 a run round the army range on Easter weekend.

Helen and myself did compete on the White Heather Targa ran by WMC and compact single venue style event got in 20 tests in a short day. The day started off well with the event 4 loops of 5 stages (not the same 5 all day) the second loop there was an issue with a slipping clutch and also a suspected handbrake adjust issue as the car refused to handbrake left however much Helen pulled on the lever. After a lunch break for competitors and marshals our day got worse when we attacked a 360 round a cone a tyre blew. With the help of some SMC marshals we soon had the spare on. A couple of new test for the afternoon were lets say rather wet and muddy…. Navigator learns to close his window after the second run!!! However we got to the finish 2nd in class and kept our clean sheet even if we did have to emergency stop on one test when I lost my position and couldn’t work out whether it was left of right of the cone that was approaching very rapid. Sorry Helen. However an enjoyable day and every day is a school day, still learning at my age.

Thanks to several Spadeadam marshals at the event John Holliday, Nigel Harkness, Michael Lindsay and Graham Petry.

The club Autotest has had to be postponed as this spring hasn’t been as dry as previous and the field was too wet. But that has been re-scheduled for the 15th April. Blue streak will soon be here we’ve already started planning meetings but if anyone wants to be involved, don’t be shy.

Hopefully next month newsletter will be reporting on events happened rather than what hasn’t happened